Frederica Bernkastel - Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Another fun cosplay with Arami Heartilly, with her doing Ange Ushiromiya.

Purple Contacts! Also, I loved making all of the bits for this costume, especially the tail, which I took some of the spare modelling wire left over from the RH wings, wrapped stuffing around it, and then pulled a tube of black velvet-like material over the top. This allowed me to mould the tail to stick out of the skirt layers in the correct fashion. Then I made a bow for it.

Alas, another costume where I didn't quite manage some of the finishing tweaks such as the extra bits around the sleeves. Also the shoes were a size too small and hurt a lot by the end of the day... this was my fault, I saw the perfect shoes (other than in size) for less than £5 at a charity shop.

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