Akari Mizunashi - ARIA




I love this series and I love the characters from it, so for AyaCon, Arami Heartilly and I decided to do Alicia and Akari. We were later joined by another friend (Spirit of the Stage) who did Akatsuki from the series.

Arami Heartilly and I worked on our costumes together so that they would match. After a long hunt, Arami managed to find some converse-style white shoes which we could adapt, yay! The hats, hair accessories and bracelet were easy to make, but the glove was a bit of a nightmare as I had no experience with making gloves and forgot to account for the extra material that I would need to go between my fingers.

I cut down the hair from a long pink wig that I purchased from the internet as I could not find any pre-styled options but this didn't seem too difficult.


CalebNyan posted on 11 March, 2013 - 11:53
There really aren't enough ARIA cosplayers! I have to say you make an adorable Akari, I love the little photoshoot you have here as well.

Fyria posted on 11 March, 2013 - 18:34
Thanks for the kind words. I really did enjoy making this costume and had lots of fun running around the con with an Alicia and Akatsuki. I do seem to be missing the photo where Akatsuki pulls my pigtails... which happened before the Akatsuki-bashing commenced! :P I do agree though, needs more ARIA cosplayers! <3