Haruhi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya




I almost didn't get a ticket for MinamiCon this year until a friend of a friend had to pull out and I managed to get the spare ticket a month prior to the convention. With little experience in making things and a lack of sewing skills, time, money or sewing machine... I opted for something relatively easy.

I mainly cut out one of my old school shirts for the top, sewing on a collar and covering the cuffs. Everything was then lined with red ribbon. At the time I decided the easiest way to do the insignia on the shirt was by cutting up ribbon, coating it all in clear nail varnish and super-gluing it to the costume which in hindsight was a silly way to do it, but at the time I didn't really understand how painting worked on clothing.

The skirt was mostly unfinished in the end, wasn't sure how to do half-pleats, so just sewed in some extra triangles up to the halfway point on the skirt. I didn't have time to properly hem it before the convention, so it went without. Additionally, I covered one of my current hair bands with some yellow material and used more clear nail varnish again to prevent the ends from fraying. Actually, 6 years down the line and the hair band is still intact. Fortunately my old school shoes sufficed for this and I didn't need to colour my hair this time.

However I did get my fringe fully cut in again for this costume.


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