Naomi Armitage ('Upgrades' :P) - Armitage III: Polymatrix


London MCM Expo October 2012 Minamicon 15 (2009)

Cosplay award at Minami




Go go retro.

Although it got overshadowed by Ghost in the Shell, Armitage is a brilliant story, and I love Naomi's character. Her upgraded/battle outfit was one of my dream costumes, been thinking about doing it since Minami 2003 - finally managed it 6 years later.

Once I've got a few daylight photos, I'm going to bust this up (I'll cry when I break the backpack) and do the end version of her with ARM LAZERS. Yeah.

Most of the outfit is various types & thicknesses of leatherette, with rivets, studs and bias binding added for detail. For the corset I used wadding between the red leatherette and cotton underlay to pad it out and make the lines more visible. The outfit is mainly based on the McFarlane model of her, as the animated one changes in every scene!

The laser/jet pack is made out of PVC piping, hi-density foam and foamboard, with lots of crackfiller and gesso to smooth the surface out. The main shape is carved foam (with a piece of foamboard at the back to make it stronger) and the lasers were made by layering foamboard and sanding it to the right shape. The gun was also made using this method, then painted with enamel paint. The lights are camping lights I bought in the sale (cheating, no wiring needed!), the wires go down inside the pvc tubes and connect in a hollow part of the backpack where I can turn them on and off while wearing it. The entire thing is held onto me by a combination of poppers (to make sure it was in the right place) and a lot of velcro. I decided against doing the winged version, as I couldn't think of a way to make it look good.

I've just found some step by step photos of the gun and backpack on my phone, so I'll try and do some journal entries to make the above rambling clearer. (I've done the gun now, will try and get onto the backpack at some point...)

This was my first masquerade costume on my own, and I can honestly say I will not be doing that again, in case I cause myself another heart attack due to stage fright - massive props to all of you that do it regularly! I'll stick with groups, thanks :D


Haynes84 posted on 24 February, 2009 - 00:21
I really wanna see ur armitage!!! i loved the series :P

MangaChild posted on 29 April, 2009 - 00:03
OMG its a 3rd!!! Please update photos of this no comment can do it justice :D

Sephirayne posted on 29 June, 2009 - 02:31
I so can't wait for you to post pics.

Heero Masaki posted on 1 April, 2010 - 23:29
You looked fantastic in this costume! the backpack was awesome! :) you were very brave to go up on stage all by yourself and the Blade Runner reference as the title for your entrance made me very happy as it is one of my favorite films ever. :D

Junta posted on 14 June, 2010 - 23:37
I see a spam of updates in general; awesome to see photos of this one finally though!

nanahara posted on 14 June, 2010 - 23:50
hell yeah XD, you look awsome

Ranma1-2 posted on 14 June, 2010 - 23:53
Costume looks great..and well made. ^_^

KhaosKreator posted on 15 June, 2010 - 00:14
Great to see some pictures of this! -Tab

Sephirayne posted on 30 June, 2010 - 23:24
Epic costume is epic. Also well done for going up on your own. I know how much you hate that. But the epic costume more than makes up for it. Well done on the award.

Amy-Lou posted on 18 October, 2010 - 09:39
You rock super hero pants! You put a lot of thought into all the materials and construction methods and it looks perfect. I love the quilty corset, far better than just adding lines on top.

- posted on 18 October, 2010 - 13:18
Ooo you suit her a lot~! i love the poses and the photos, costume also looks very well made.

Mighty Odango posted on 28 December, 2010 - 22:33
Just watched this for the first time and realised I never commented - poor show on my part, but now I've seen it I can see how well she suits you! Love the materials and textures you used, especially the quilting - it gave it a real cyberpunk armoured look. Would love to see the final version soon!

Mangamad posted on 4 January, 2011 - 03:33
Oh yay! Armitage cosplay. O,O!<

loramarsden posted on 13 March, 2013 - 15:34
im such a massive armitage fan! this is incredible. really wish i had the figure to pull off a naomi cosplay! brilliant, reeeeally good x

Progress Journal

7th March 2009

Painting - and a finished gun!

Not having anywhere to spray paint, I chose to use enamel to paint it. Now, I find enamel a bitch to work with, but it does give a really nice covering after 4-5 layers, and is far more durable than acrylic I've found. And wahey, finished gun!

Total materials used for the gun - foamboard sheets (about 2-3mm thick?), PVA glue, filler, pen lid (RIP), metal studs, enamel pant & gesso. Tools used were a generic Stanley knife, and sandpaper/glasspaper for gentle shaping.

This has just taken me a long time to resize everything, so I'll continue with the backpack later...unfortunately have less photos of that!

6th March 2009

Nearly there...

Many layers later, it looked a bit more substantial! And then many more layers as I got a little perfectionist...

5th March 2009

Gesso! And detaily bits

I alternated layers of the filler with layers of black gesso, which helped to highlight any bits that weren't very smooth. I also added in the little details such as the gun point (a cut off pen lid) and the bolts (small metal studs)

4th March 2009


Once all together, the longest process of all started - sanding bit by bit and filling in the gaps. I used a pre-mixed filler called Onetime by Red Devil, dries really quickly and sands really smooth. Also non-toxic! I swapped between using really really fine sand/glass paper and a metal file to get into the corners. I tried using my dremel but it was a bit too violent for it. It became therapeutic after a while...

3rd March 2009

Gluuuuuuuuue. (sub-heading - where I make a lot of mess)

I cut the templates out of card, cut the right numbers out of the foamboard and stuck them together with PVA glue. I normally use hardcore stuff to stick things together as I'm paranoid, but PVA works perfectly well, is lightweight and sands down fairly easily. Just have to be patient while it dries...

2nd March 2009

Gun layers

Once cut out I checked to see if it actually fit me when I held it, as drawing it was a bit of guestimation! I decided the easiest way to make the gun with the materials I had was out of layers of foamboard glued together - it would be easy to make in my room and light to carry. Sitting down, I worked out how many layers I'd need, and color coded them on the drawing to make it easier for me to work out which layers needed to be what shape.

1st March 2009

It starts...

Okay, so as I actually took some crappy phone photos of the progress on this, I thought I should try and document how I made things! So here's a vague, sketchy plan of how to make a prop in your bedroom with no powertools & no spraypaint! Oh how I pray for a garage one day.... I may have missed out a few steps now and then as I got over-excited with progress and forgot to take photos.... Right - starting with the gun! I thought I had to use the model gun as reference at first (teeeny tiny red thing, nightmare) but then found some awesome blueprints for the gun someone had scanned in. So I copied that and drew it out on card as something to start with.