Grey Fox - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake




For the majority of the time that the Metal Gear series has been running Grey Fox has hands-down been my most favourite character, so I have wanted to do this cosplay for a long time ( since MGS 4 I’m now torn between Fox, Sunny and Johnny Sasaki as being my favourite ). As much as I love his cyborg-ninja design I’m happy to cosplay as his pre-ninja self since my body-type just wouldn’t suit it enough and in addition it always looks so difficult to make the exo-skeleton look right. Plus I do think that the colour combination of red bandana with silver hair has a nicely distinctive look to it and I love army-like outfits ^^

So this is a cosplay of retro Grey Fox ( aka. Frank Jaeger ) from before Metal Gear Solid was released on the PS-one. To be honest I couldn’t get into the gameplay of the retro games, but would love it so much if Kojima would make updated versions of them! * crosses fingers * Especially since the events of those games do get referred to in the storyline of the modern ones and add to the backgrounds of the characters.

Grey Fox was the only member of FOXHOUND to gain the highest rank of " Fox " which was lead by the legendary soldier Big Boss. When asked if he’d ever had any friends Solid Snake stated that Grey Fox was one person that he did actually consider his friend, even though their circumstances sometimes put them as having to fight against each other. In the game Metal Gear he was captured whilst infiltrating Outer Haven with Solid Snake’s mission including finding and retrieving him. In Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake he returned as an enemy, fighting against Snake whilst piloting Metal Gear D followed by a fist-fight in a minefield in Zanzibar. Following his defeat he was experimented on in order to create the Genome Soldiers, being transformed into the cyborg-ninja that he’s most well-known for. He returned in Metal Gear Solid where he was intent on having a final battle with Snake, though claiming that he was, " Neither enemy nor friend. " Snake and Fox fought in Otacon’s lab, with Fox retreating when he started to suffer from the side-effects of his experimentation. He later reappeared during the finale where he chose to aid Snake in defeating Metal Gear REX, but unfortunately did not survive the encounter when Liquid Snake used REX to crush him underneath one of it’s giant feet ( not the best way to go, really... XD ).

Grey Fox was also the foster brother of Naomi Hunter, the chief physician of Snake’s back-up team during Metal Gear Solid. It turned out that she joined the team as a chance to get revenge on Snake for what happened to Fox since Snake defeated him in Zanzibar. Just before his death Fox confessed to Snake that he had been the one to have killed Naomi’s parents and had taken her in and raised her out of guilt. In the end Snake decided not to full-fill his final request of telling her and instead told her that his final message was that he’d always love her T___T


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Frank Jaeger - awww yeah quality stuff!

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Foxhound training time... sculpting the guns :) cool costume!

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Thanks =) Haha, yeah a couple of my friends wanted a photoshoot of their cosplays by the hotel's swimming pool so I got a few pictures in the gym area as well.

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This is awesome :D Love it so much :)

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Thankies, I was really glad to get round to cosplaying him =)

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You looked really great! :D I love all of the photos, it looks like you were having alot of fun :D

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Thanks! Yeah, I enjoyed May Expo's MGS meet-up - it was great to get to meet other fans, one nice person gave us all free cans of Pepsi, we asked someone to play some MGS music on his music player he was carrying around and we got asked for quite a lot of photos =3

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