asuna yuuki (fairy queen titania) - Sword art Online : ALO arc



however the 2nd part wasnt as good as the first , the dress that asuna wore left such a good impression , so simple and verry elegant ! as soon as i saw it i wanted to cosplay that variant
not sure for when this is though ^^

InfiniteJester posted on 5 March, 2013 - 11:37
Looking forward to seeing this!

long skirt
elf ears
upper skirt

Total cost: £0.00

8th May 2013

8th of may

progress ! i bought my shoes for asuna ( no way i'm gonne walk bare feet on a convention >< ) also i finished the part that goes over the top but made it a bit too big so need to alter it again. things left to do is finish the upper skirt and make the straps for around her feet ^^ .

1st May 2013

1st of may progress

to celebrate my holiday i decided to work a bit on asuna XD i made the arm thingies and her hairpin ^^

18th April 2013

18th of april

18'th april finished the long skirt ! :3 next up i'll tackle the arm pieces :D ( here a picture of the costume what i made so far , on me )

14th April 2013

so far

i am proud to show you my hard work so far ( and the items i purchased so far ) the top was a pain in the ass and i feel like its not good enough >< i will see what i can adhance about it since i really want it to be accurate still got loads to do but i am happy so far ^^

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