Beatrice (True/boss form) - Wild Arms 3


Minamicon 14 (2008)

The "There May Not Be Enough Prizes award"




So, the Minami previously Dez had sat around with his huge Wild Arms artbook and we had gone through and picked designs for literally *everyone* in the bar. Obviously some people didn't want to join in, others had plans and such, but the following year we managed to get a decent sized WA group (from across all the games!)

I chose Beatrice, although I had to admit I never finished WA3 so I never actually saw this form when I was playing though - so lots of reading up and you-tubing!

I took a few liberties with this one, like not having the GIANT FLOATING GOLD ARMOUR and generally not being able to float. I dunno, was just feeling lazy ;)

The hands were bought from a fancy dress shop and altered, the rest was made from scratch. It was the first time I've used a crinoline and my god it made things so awkward. Big skirts are not for me ;) The wings were silk stretched over garden wire and silk painted, they ended up heavier than I thought so unfortunately pulled the straps of the corset off! The headress was the most fun to make, the flowers the least (Nia helped with the last few as I started running out of time!)

The base of the eye was made from hot glue in entirety with three LEDs set in the back. I cast the 'eye' and painted with acrylic the detail, and made the stuff around the edge by just dribbling trails of hot glue over my mannequin head. (P.S, hot glue dissolves foam, my wig head now looks like a horrible phantom of the opera reject!)

I enlisted the help of a lovely Nia for he make-up, as I am rubbish with it. We did a few trials the week before to mix up the right colour and it worked, unfortunately on the day something went wrong and it started flaking immediately! I think it made her look more evil ;) She did an awesome job on my seeing eye to make it much more dramatic :)


Sephirayne posted on 27 June, 2010 - 23:45
Wow! Seriously epic. Love the wings and the glowy eye. Large skirt is awesome too. The group photos are ace.

perfectly_purple posted on 28 June, 2010 - 00:04
I didn't get to see this but I saw the photos same-difference took. I can get him to send you the ones he has if you'd like? Ps. you look freaking awesome!

Heero Masaki posted on 28 June, 2010 - 00:05
I was really impressed with this costume! I especially like the lights and hands! :)

Amy-Lou posted on 28 June, 2010 - 10:29
Freaky Bee-trice. I love this costume even if you do hate big skirts :)