Kei - Dirty Pair Flash




Another "oh god did I really do that?" costume (pics coming when I find some :P) for laughing at.

Amy and I loved Dirty Pair Flash and decided for our second convention we'd do the 'Lovely Angels' battle outfits. This was the first thing I had really sewn and although it looks hideous, I was damn proud of it at the time! I couldn't sit down in it because the red wasn't stretchy and I made it too fitting...but hey it was clothes, so 'proud' ;)

Well...proud because I managed to pin it to me before the masquerade. I finished the red part of her outfit (never quite got the floating shorts to work!) but pretty much pinned the white swimsuit into place!

I ran out of time so it's a cosplay cop out at it's worst - no wig, no weapon and the wrong boots by far! But hey, a few people recognised us XD (or they recognised Amy, and I was lucky to be standing next to her XD)


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