Sawada 'Tsuna' Tsunayoshi
Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Cosplayer: Suno-chan

Variant: Vongola Rings Arc

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AmeCon 2008

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Odd-One-Out - 13th February 2008
Finish this cosplay with a dying will!!!

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Odd-One-Out - 22nd March 2008
You finished, hell yeah!! Though may I ask why Gokudera is doing an "EXTREMOOOOO!!!" pose rather than Ryohei? ;D

Aaaah revival of KHR love!

Suno-chan avatar

Suno-chan - 22nd March 2008
No idea. I think Gokudera is about to punch Yamamoto in the face XD

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Anonymous - 10th April 2008
Your costume is coming along nicely there, Suno. Like I said to Hita, I'm really looking forward to snapping pictures of you all on the Friday!

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HelloKitty - 17th August 2008
was wkd hanging out in the Friday, sorry i scared you with trying to poke your eyes out...

peace offering:

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Anonymous - 18th June 2014
Your such an adorable Tsuna!! <3