Shuichi (Artbook) - Gravitation




As a group of friends we had just got into Gravitation and decided we'd all cross-dress as some of the main characters at Minami 9 for a bit of a laugh. I was also supposed to have his concert outfit done, but it proved more complicated than I thought and it was left at home in a pile of frustration!

Coat aside, it was a pretty darn simple outfit - I owned a white top that I cropped and bought some trousers off ebay. The belt and necklace I made of out chain links and was quite fun.

The coat was the first (and well...probably the last!) thing I tried to line, it went a little wrong! The feathers were from a feather boa hacked up and glued to strips...with were then glued onto the coat. Needless to say it made the cuffs pretty stiff! I also left a trail of feathers wherever I went....

Oh yes, spray on hair dye doesn't really work on dark hair ;) (Another one for the "what are wigs?" collection.)


Heero Masaki posted on 23 February, 2009 - 22:18
I remember this, I don't think there's many photos of it though is there? maybe one? was awesome even though at the time I didn't realise you were cosplaying. (thought it were just interesting casual wear)