Zelda - A link to the past





This is my next Zelda cosplay. I had so much fun cosplaying Zelda from Twilight Princess, I decided to do it again, but a darker side of Zelda. I haveent really seen this done in the style before. But it was so much fun to make!

Dress: The top part of the dress and the bottom of the dress are two seperate pieces sewn together.

Armour: I made all the arour bits out of craft foam. Its cheap, easy to cut, and you can heat and shape it.

Wig: I got the wig from Cosplayshopping.com. This is where I got my other Zelda wig and was very pleased with it. It was thick and perfect for Dark Zelda!

Ears: I am used the ears that I have gotten from aradanistudios.com. They are the best place to get prostectics, costumes and other nerdy things.


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