Belle - Beauty and the Beast





This is a dream cosplay for me! I dressed as Belle for Halloween when I was around 9 years old. So this will be an improvement!

I am also hoping to upload lots of progress pictures for future Belle cosplayers. I know it can be hard to find something out about the costume that other cosplayers did not post.

Dress: The fabric that I am using is a yellow Taffeta. I purchased about 5 meters. So that way I have lots to work with!

The panels from the patterns are 44.5 inches long. So I added 28.5 inches. So that is a grand total of 73 inches long. They are taller then me!

Hoop skirt: I found this awsome tutorial on DA that helped me out so much!
I also bought the fabric for the hoop skirt from Value Village. It was an old bed sheet. I bought two just in case I used the hole one sheet up. I also use Pex pipe for the "boning". Its works great! But if you are using it for a hoop skirt, buy the clamps for them! The pipe is used for pluming, so there is some clamps that will attach one end to another. DONT USE DUCK TAPE! IT WILL SLIP OFF! V.V

Gloves: The gloves I bought off Ebay. I HATE making gloves, and I dont think the yellow taffeta would make good gloves. The gloves that I bought were only $6. SWEET!


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Progress Journal

3rd March 2013


I just wanted to show how much I had to gather. There was alot!

3rd March 2013

Heat 'n Bond

I used the heat'n bond for the inside of the bodice. I didnt want the stiches to show, so this worked great!

1st March 2013


This is how i made the "ruffles" on the dress. I took some elastic, sewed it on the seam, while it was being sewn, I pulled the elastic to its capasity. And Ta da! RUFFLES!