Ben Tennyson (Hoodie) - Ben 10 Omniverse




Wasn't 100% keen on this incarnation of Ben to be honest...until I caught sight of his hoodie! :o

Thus I modded a black t-shirt by cutting out the general shapes from a green t-shirt of the same size and sewed the pieces onto a black one. Then sewed on white leatherette numbers.

Hoodie was made from scratch, finding the right length green zip was fun :/ which made the whole top 2 inches longer than I had wanted. The green trim was made from a horrible crushed velvet which had a nice back whic was also the best green I had in my selection of fabrics.

Cargo pants already have and green sneakers I managed to find.

I could have bought an omnitrix but decided to make one instead from craft foam and pva glue.


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