Johan Anderson. - Yu-Gi-Oh GX





First costume I made by myself @_@ I'm such a noob haha

Blue top : got cheap blue fabric and thigh white one that I sewed. Then, I added black tape on the edges since using black ribbon seemed complicated.
Blouse : used one I'm never wear /laughs/
Trousers : used old ones of mine and added purple stripes on it.
Leg thinggy : bought some brown fabric that I sewed but I think I'll remake these with another fabric :/
Shoes : I plan using my big black shoes that I'll cover with white fabric~
Wig : got it off ebay but it's too dark imo so I'll get a more blue/grey-ish one.

I'll be wearing this costume for Japan Expo 2014 with my Gx group :3
We'll be blue obelisk powaaa~


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