Princess Mononoke

Cosplayer: Amehhful

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

BCExpo best costume :D

23rd April 2013: BACK AGAIN:3 This cosplay is coming out again, probably twice now, once at BCExpo and once at the Oct MCM Expo ^-^ so excited:3 I love this cosplay so much:3 This time I am making the full length dagger, well spear, so yay:3 and i'm going to have Ashitaka too:3

17th March 2013: FOUND MEH :D omgggg found meeeee:3 nawhh:3 i look terrible xD

15th March 2013: Finished! I finally completely finished my whole first ever cosplay :D and in time for the MCM expo :D (3 days:3) I got the shoes yesterday, they're not perfect and don't completely look like her shoes, but oh well :D can't wait to wear it :D i shall upload pictures probably tomorrow ^-^

13th March 2013: Dress ^-^ I've finally got the dress finished, but i still have to make some adjustments to it. It's too big and has like hardly any shape so i'm just going to bring it in a little at the waist to make it more like Sans ^-^

12th March 2013: White part:D this evening i made the white part of the dress, it was really easy but hard at the same time to make it, basically i cut my head out of a sheet of material and worked around it. it meant i only had to stitch in two places. The material i used was really hard to cut and the edges came out jagged, but that was perfect as her top is supposed to be messy anyway, as she lives in a forest. I have to wash some accidental felt tip lines off, but it should come out okay :D it's a little tight (then again i made it with my polo shirt and school jumper on) but i can still move about in it, it's just hard to get over my...yeah xD anyway..xD i'm happy:D and only a few dayssssss:3

11th March 2013: 1 week OKay, so it's one week till the expo and i still have to make the dress and the little white part and get some shoeeeesss o-o so excited:3

8th March 2013: Make-up:) Today i recorded and edited a video of me doing the make-up and a run through sort thing ^-^ so heres the link: feel free to watch ^-^

7th March 2013: Wig ^-^ I finally managed to get a hold of a good wig :D it's quite good actually, just needs a little styling and straightening out, and it will be perfect :D oh and heres a side view of the cloak o-o

7th March 2013: Still no progress -.- I still haven't made any progress yet over the last days, as i've had soooo much course work -.- i have to finish my dress gahh o-0 ONLY.....10 DAYS TILL EXPO:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3<---excited xD

5th March 2013: Not much progress l: So over these last couple of days (yesterday and this morning xD) i haven't really made any progress which is bad, as the expo is in less than 2 weeks now o; so excited:3

Thankyou everyone that has commented by the way :D Really appreciate it ^-^

3rd March 2013: Cloak I'VE FINALLY FINISHED MY CLOAK :D i'm so happy:3 there is a few imperfections that i want to correct but i love it:3 i attached the ears this morning after managing to get the red felt to stick, i had to pierce holes with a safty pin to stitch the cardboard on my fur ^-^ the ears are a little too far back and a little un even but that doesn't really matter, the only thing that bugs me is the lines that appear when i'm wearing it like in the picture, but that might have just been the way i was standing ^-^ now to attach the necklace to the front of the cloak, finish my dress, get my shoes and i'm done :D i don't need to get a wig as i can make her hair from mine ^-^ (just with a purple tint;3)

2nd March 2013: -8:40pm arm+head bands okay, so i've made the arm and head bands, the colours are a bit off, but i don't think that'll matter(: i only made the jewl parts out of cardboard and might make them out of something else but i'm not quite sure yet ^-^ Felt still hasn't stuck to ears -.- also thinking of ways to stick my ears to make cloak o-0

2nd March 2013: Ears and mask I woke up early in the morning (thanks to my mum's alarm) so i'm going to get started on my ears ^-^ hopefully i get to attach my ears and mask to my fur cloak today with my dad's help ^-^ I still have to paint my mask o-0 but i'll be doing that soon /before/ i attach it to my fur xD

So me and my dad went and bought some felt and elastic today ^-^ and my dad also helped me drill and spray my mask ready for attaching the cloak. once i got home i got straight onto attaching the mask to the cloak, using cotton, i put quite a lot on so i'm hoping it will stay. I love it :D I've also attach the black felt to the ear, but i'm having trouble attaching the red/orange/pink felt to it -.- i've tried so many times, and i've also ran out of superglue, so i'm /hoping/ it'll work with weights added to it's drying progress. once i get the cloak finished i will feel more better, it's the main part of the cosplay i wanted to make:3

1st March 2013: Cloak Last night i managed to stay up till 10:50 stiching the hem(?) on my cloak, i thought putting a hem on it would make it look more natural, turns out it did ^-^ it took me /agess/ i even had to complete it this morning before school (and the doctors-.-) I've managed to stitch on the tail part i've made before hand aswell, it looks awesome ^-^ my next project is going to be attaching everything to the cloak (mask, ears, necklace) and then finish off the dress^-^ (sorry about the really bad quality picture o-o

KC-HOME avatar

KC-HOME - 2nd March 2013
mononoke hime !!! omg ♥
It looks beautiful so far !!!
♥ ♥ ♥

gaming_goddess avatar

gaming_goddess - 4th March 2013
Progress is looking beautiful :P I love the mask :D

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 4th March 2013
This is looking great! I love your mask :)

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 5th March 2013
Nice mask, I'll be looking out for you at Birmingham as I'd love a picture :) (I'll be Sailor Mercury)

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 15th March 2013
Woot that looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done on this :)

Amehhful avatar

Amehhful - 16th March 2013
Thankyou:D I hope you had a good time at the MCM :D

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 18th March 2013
I did I really enjoyed it, how about you?? This looks great btw! So much love for San cosplayers!!! Let me know if you're planning to wear her to any other cons just in case I'm going with a Ghibli cosplay ^^

Amehhful avatar

Amehhful - 19th March 2013
i enjoyed it too! so fun :D nawhh ^-^ ohkay ^-^ i know i'm wearing it to the small con (i think xD) BCExpo in Bristol(:

DizzieDee avatar

DizzieDee - 13th May 2013
You where epic at Bristol!!! and I'm so glad you won, it was really nicely made!! Im just gutted I didnt have my camera with me to grab some photo's >

Amehhful avatar

Amehhful - 14th May 2013
Nawh thank you:3 I didn't have my Camera either, and there was so much I wanted to take pictures of D: