Kid Kakashi - Naruto (Kakashi Gaiden)




This is a comission i made for my friend for London May Expo

We wanted to do a skit together so we thought up a skit and worked the costumes round that...

It was cheep and easy as for most of the sewing was mostly modifying existing clothing (for the T shirt i was just adding a silver stripe of Pvc down each sleeve)..

For the Arm Guards I used sheet aluminum i bought from B&Q, i cut out the shapes needed and rivited everything together and then backed everything with funfoam so its not to tear his arm apart..

I made the Back Dagger Holster out of 2 square sheets of aluminum sandwiched with webbing running through and 2 loops of elastic to hold the dagger in place..

At a previous con he was asked on stage why he cosplayed as Kakashi and he actually said
"coz he likes porn"
I guess you had to be there lol

As for the skit its self we were lucky enough to get in touch with Masiko X and Vegeta who write and voice over the Naruto Abridged Series, they added their bit to the script as well donating their time and voices to us as well...

Thanks Guys XD

i dont know about everyone else but i had a great time on stage...

See the skit here


alexfratley posted on 30 October, 2007 - 15:51
that was a awesome skit cant believe how many views it has now still the pic of reese at bristol comics ahh brings back memories ^ ^

ryaoki posted on 26 February, 2008 - 19:41
love this costume, one of my favourite ones, thanks mike haha hey hopefully one day when ur old or cnt make costumes any more ill be making you one haha