Yoh Asakura (Battle Suit ) - Shaman King / Funbari no Uta




This is my first ever attempt to make a cosplay. I have no previous experience in dress making, sewing and design with regards to materials and the likes.

This is costume is from my favorite childhood anime Shaman King.

Instinctively, I opted for an easy cosplay as this was my very first.

I spent money to get started with tools such as sewing machine, super glue, fabric scissors and the basic tailors chalk plus tape measure.

This costume was cheap to make and it's pretty much complete with slight alterations to finer details to ultimately say its "all done"

This battle suit comes in 2 version in most photos. Either a long black tracksuit with orange pockets or a shorts with orange trim. I opted for a shorts design with orange trim.

The costume has 3 accessories. The shaman battle computer (the wrist gadget) The black wrist band on the off hand which i modified with orange trim. The shoulder also has an orange band for extra punctuation of the orange highlights. Every accessory has been built with velcro to have adjustable feature.

The bottom is with pockets with orange trim, orange trims on the end of the shorts and orange details on the sides. A bit of creative freedom here hehe :P

The top is sleeveless with an orange trim and fake pockets with a trim. The middle orange bar should have been a zipper but I opted for a simple line. This line is velcro is it can be adjusted in length and position during anytime needed.


InfiniteJester posted on 1 April, 2013 - 23:25
Looks great!