Padme - Star Wars II : Attack of the Clones


2nd Prize Milton Keynes 2009




First worn at Collecotrmainia competitionin Milton Keynes June 2009
The main dress is made from bridal duchess satin, the cape a lightweight almost chiffon type fabric, the petals I had trouble with as I could not find what thye used on the originla and to this day I still cannot. So I used polyester chiffon, but had to dye it in Pinks and Yellows, becuase it was polyester though the dye eventually faded over time. The front dress tie is hand painted and the head jewelry hand made with a soldering iron.


Siouxsie James posted on 24 February, 2013 - 08:55
What an amazing costume!!!!

Tracy posted on 24 February, 2013 - 09:17
Thank you so much Afireinsdergirl. Have you seen my website, I will be hopeing soon to add all my costumes. Cheers

WhiteWraith posted on 24 February, 2013 - 09:57
This is amazing :)

HarryKurt posted on 25 February, 2013 - 22:09
I remember this from cosplayfever- it's a stunning costume and you suit Padme perfectly!

Tracy posted on 26 February, 2013 - 07:38
Wow thank themrmaster, I have been luck yot be in both cosplay fever books, sadly I don't think they did any more books, which is a shame.

magsul posted on 27 February, 2013 - 15:20
Wow, very well done! You look great. :D