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New wig

First wip. Finished version. Idk.

Finally got the jacket.

Reference picture



I've been planning this for a while now.

The costume will hopefully be a black jumpsuit, if not a pair of black tight pants and a top with the yellow details on , a skateboard which I got today and will be painted with his sign, yellow and black boots, yellow and black gloves and his helmet if I get it done in time.

I will be there with my sollux if she gets her black wig on time~


Kyuipo posted on 23 February, 2013 - 22:03
fjdhjtdrystfhmjxch,g so awome.. good luck ! :D

MsHollowfox posted on 27 February, 2013 - 11:31
haha~ thank you, ill try my best ~

nosferatu posted on 9 March, 2013 - 01:28
Oh wow, you make a really good Mituna :D

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Progress Journal

Half finished horns (Posted 24th March 2013)

Made from sculpt dry clay found in boyes and a pencil. I'm using a ribbon to try them to my head, cause as you see I have no wig~

Fangs (Posted 5th March 2013)

Found my double side tape! So I don't need my glue for them~ and they work the same. Tutorial is here.==>

Almost done with the jacket~ (Posted 3rd March 2013)

I have all the yellow cut out. Not pinned on cause I've lost em all but you get where I'm going with this . I'm going to start stitching them on soon, and hopefully I will be done before the end of the week~ or today... I don't know. All I need after that are some boots though which my mum is kindly looking for for me. :)

Also my helmet came yesterday and I have to get it from my friend.

Halfof one yellow patch sewn on ~ (Posted 2nd March 2013)

Only took half an hour yeah.... Meh.
((Its all piled at the top because then I know where it all is~

Adding the yellow (Posted 1st March 2013)

I don't have any paint but I have some yellow fabric I'm gonna stitch on to it~ I have my ref pictures and everything. I drew em myself so I know what I'm working from, I just hope it goes right~

Finished board. (Posted 27th February 2013)

I've finished painting the top of my skateboard. The decal is two lines and it ended up yellow instead of gold which is ironic since I used gold paint.

It looks a bit rough on the picture because this was before it was dry, when the gold dried I whet over the accidental mistakes with blacknail varnish ((I had to it was the closest thing I had and it was easy to dab on and still look this the board.))

Skateboard (Posted 24th February 2013)

It's really small ((it would be bigger but they always seem to break on me.not because I can't stand on em heavy its cause my brother likes breaking them. No one knows I have this one though >:D))
. But il just be carrying it anyway.
Tomorrow after school I'm going to paint the details on the bottom. Yellow and black ][][ . And I will hopefully have a helmet being sent to me thought the mail to be altered and stuff~ which I'll also have to paint and stuff. Bleh!

((Note the only pic I have is of it under my sleeping pillow cause that's where I keep it.))

So I have my hair sorted. (Posted 23rd February 2013)

I just need to keep it cut like this until then, and I rather like it cut like this.... Yeah I really like this...