Edward Scissorhands (Main version) - Edward Scissorhands


1st place in a Cosplay competion at a Starfury Convention

Showcased 7th December 2014 What is this?




where to begin....

the easy way is everything from the neck down was hand made,, that includes the buckles and belts. made out of leather and liquid PVC.. Boots were dyed and altered with hand made straps.

props,, the scissors.. are made out of cereal packets, which have corst boning inside to hold them straight, handles made out of Milliput, and steel wire shaped and attached.

Hair is my own, back combed to near death with the odd extention clipped in

Make up I did my self

I can only breath through my eye balls, and this is torture to wear LOL


Neko-Chan posted on 22 February, 2009 - 10:37
Wow! You look so much like mr.Depp! The costume looks so well made to ^^

drowned_panda posted on 22 February, 2009 - 11:00
My word that is awesome. You looking the spitting image of Edward!

ryaoki posted on 22 February, 2009 - 11:01
simple stunning, i must say, i seen your willy wonka at midlands expo the other day and i must say fine example of a perfect cosplay

K posted on 22 February, 2009 - 11:13
All your costumes are incredible but the detail here is amazing! Bravo!

CrystalNeko posted on 22 February, 2009 - 11:26
WOW! Now this is awesome, you look perfect! Exactly like Edward~

sjbonnar posted on 22 February, 2009 - 16:07
O_O That is amazing! I would stalk you if I saw you in real life LOL

Wildeth posted on 22 February, 2009 - 17:31
HOLY SHIT! Amazing! I had troubing finding the actual you at first LOL

HitachiinTwin01 posted on 22 February, 2009 - 17:50
WOW!! I was watching the film today too!! Really Amazing!! I think I saw you at midlands

Black-Cat-1 posted on 22 February, 2009 - 17:51
OMG u look amazing!

Lozzie posted on 22 February, 2009 - 21:55
Thats the most incredible and accurate Edward cosplay i have ever seen! Amazing work! Well done.

DeppalikeUK posted on 22 February, 2009 - 23:23
Thank you all for your kind compliments, this costume is a nightmare to wear and was a pain to build but seeing the feedback makes it worth while. However I have yet to attend an Expo, it seems that there is another Johnny Depp cosplayer who does attend, I keep getting mistaking for him. I will be attending the May Expo in London, so we may finally meet. LOL I have chosen to wear my Wonka and Sweeney at this Event

Captain_Marvelous posted on 23 February, 2009 - 09:58
stop being jonny depp ^.^ you look amazing O_o this outfit is probably one of the best/accurate cosplay on here ^.^ amazing :)

Captain_Marvelous posted on 23 February, 2009 - 09:58
Just another aside :) do Benny an june Jonny depp :P

Sephirayne posted on 2 March, 2009 - 03:40
Epic cosplay. Easierly some of your finest prop work 'ittle Bro. It will be epic if you ever wear him at an Expo. Ryukedapples, I can confirm that my brother has done Benny from Benny and June.

Lunar_Kitten posted on 7 April, 2009 - 11:28
This is really good - you look so much like Edward! Hope to see it in person sometime =^_^=

Captain_Marvelous posted on 18 May, 2009 - 09:14
Im speechless I really am :)

picklesofdoom posted on 20 July, 2009 - 20:15
Simply fantastic! =^____^=

eyeseaewe posted on 20 May, 2010 - 16:53
jebus. incredible attention to detail.

cowiee posted on 27 June, 2010 - 22:26
Omg this is really amasing! <3

DeppalikeUK posted on 19 January, 2011 - 01:55
Thank you everyone. Your feedback makes putting this together so worth while.

Freyarule posted on 19 April, 2011 - 17:50
Wow, this looks amazing!!! I feel your pain in wearing this, but it looks so worth it <3

Anonymous posted on 1 June, 2011 - 10:56
awww thats an amazing edward cosplay ^^ <333

magsul posted on 27 June, 2011 - 14:41
Wow, that looks fantastic!

Namine posted on 7 December, 2014 - 21:14
awesome cosplay. Really is spectacular and fantastic! You never see many Johnny Depp cosplayers around minus Pirates Of The Caribbean cosplayers XD

cowiee posted on 7 December, 2014 - 22:39
Congratulations on this weeks showcase you earned it! You really brought the character to life, amazing work as it all paid off!

InfiniteJester posted on 7 December, 2014 - 22:43
This is spot on! Congrats on the showcase!

Getsuga posted on 9 December, 2014 - 16:13
Holy! This is amazing! :D Pure perfection!

Siouxsie James posted on 17 December, 2014 - 21:33
What a stunning costume. Perfect ;)

Sephirayne posted on 6 January, 2015 - 02:00
So over the moon that this got a showcase. Congratulations. ♥