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Ok so a couple of friends had characters from dead fantasy planned, so we thought we would try to put together a group :) anyone is welcome to join, it will be for sometime next time, gives people time to make there costumes, possibly for kitAcon if its on next year and also for masquerade :).

Sooo namine, omg loved her art design that monty oun brought out years ago. But now seeing the video she is in, even more awesome! Monty oun kept it secret Kairi and namine are one. Her design has changed since monty ouns art release of anime, originally a dress, now a vest top with shorts and an over shirt, with wings @@ crazy wings but there gorgeous >

Feel free to message me if you want to join

Yuna -
Rikku - Yasmia
Tifa - Emma wells
Rinoa - Raye-Chan
Kairi/Namine - Me
Cloud Strife - Kuroi Ryu
Vincent Valentine - SlimDefinition (maybe)
Denzel - (he doesn't have his video release yet but the images of him with cloud are out and he's all grown up)

Kasumi -
Ayane -
Hitomi -
Rachel -
Hayate - Kadaj006
Momiji -
Ryu -

Yasmia posted on 23 February, 2013 - 16:35
This is going to be so amazing!!! looking forward to this group now :)

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