Ouma Shu (Funeral Parlor) - Guilty Crown

Worn AtNone




My second Crossplay
Shu is my favorite character in the anime and could not resist doing it in XD

the jacket was sewing by my friend Milena
and the rest of the clothes I bought in ordinary shops
and served very well XD

I have not used the cosplay yet
but I intend to do a photoshoot soon :'D


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Progress Journal

Finished (finally!) (Posted 15th October 2012)

Finally the cosplay this with me and already finalized
I'm really pleased

Done (Posted 5th October 2012)

The jacket is done, I'll search it with Milena *happy*

Wig is here <3 (Posted 24th August 2012)

Today I received my wig and she's beautiful
and did not need to stylize almost nothing, only the fringe