Heihachi Hayashida - Samurai 7




I fell in love with Henachi after seeing the series Samurai 7 so decisided i had to make his costume.

I felt guilty for having my G/fs mum make my last costume and knew i would need more made with me new found addiction to cosplay and i had the time off work so i bought a sewing machine and spent 2 weeks learning to sew.

I cant take credit for the whole outfit as she made the brown wrap over waist coat but the rest of it i made my self using a tunic and trouser pattern and modifying them to suit my use.

As for his sword i bought a replica ninja sword from ebay then angel grinded, painted it and modified the hilt to match thew sword of Heihachi

The reaction wasnt great to this costume i most people thought i was a Jedi or Steamboy :( but i still love it..

if anyone is wanting to put on a Samurai 7 group some time just let me know XD


Arianna posted on 8 October, 2007 - 13:54
Oh my god!!! I love Heihachi! good to see someone cosplaying as someone from Samurai 7. I soooo would love to cosplay as Katsu! and Heihachi. ^_^ Awesome costume!

HelloKitty posted on 5 November, 2007 - 09:11
i think its time we got a samurai7 group going again, i'd love to do it too it'd be loadsa fun if we can get all 7

stripey_dani posted on 10 March, 2008 - 10:20
I REMEMBER YOOOOO! I didnt know you at the time but I saw you wandering Midlands expo xD

ryaoki posted on 1 October, 2008 - 00:42
you tottally have to rewear this again buddy

Emzone posted on 14 July, 2009 - 00:41
I WANT TO EAT RICEE I love heihachi so much XD This is amazingly spot on, great job!

Demented Kid posted on 14 July, 2009 - 01:05
Oh wow this is fantastic! I love Samurai 7 8D You look so spot on~