Tomomi Itano (Red successor ) - AKB0048




Actually can't wait to do this costume ; _ ; Tomochin was immediately my favourite since i'm a fan of the real Tomomi Itano anyway xD And she was the cyootest design I fell in love with straight away anyway!~

Got a pretty nice group of:
Takamina or Mariko - Aisuhimeriae
Yukirin - Lakelandmagpie
Mii-chan - Faws
Mayuyu - Ichigo-chan
Sayaka - crystelneko
Nyan Nyan - Crystal_Rose
Yuuko - Angeltear

Anyone wanting to do Sae or either Mariko/takamina Would be amazing ; 3 ;

Wearing to may expo now though!~ With Aisuhimeriae as my Takaminaaaa<3


KuKu posted on 20 February, 2013 - 10:43
Tomochin! <3

Aisuhimeriae posted on 28 February, 2013 - 10:12
<333 Can't wait! :D We should also do the River outfit... ^ ^ *Wiggles eyebrows*

Aisuhimeriae posted on 14 May, 2013 - 20:36
<3333 Though your piccus are sideways XD

LemonPanda posted on 15 May, 2013 - 09:57
i know D8 They won't upload proper xDD

Nachtangel posted on 16 May, 2013 - 23:26
That wig is stunning just wow I really wish I had the money to join you guys tbh but I'd love to get pictures with the group if I get my Heavy Rotation outfit done for HJ and actually I just saw you are wearing her to expo so I'd love to get a pic with you as Sugar Rush Yuko too

KiraraYumi posted on 8 June, 2013 - 11:24
this cosplay was so damn cute on you! >w<

ToroSonyCat posted on 16 June, 2013 - 13:24