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6th June 2013: Origin's AeonLog #15: The MCM Expo Post-Mortem Well, let's see..! I was up until 4am on the Friday of the Expo finishing off the sword, I had to resew two of the buttons during the weekend, I lost one completely, the sword (predictably) broke on Saturday afternoon and, thanks to the heat of London in early-summer, I was sweating more during the day than Lee Evans.

But it was a hell of a lot of fun. Just about everything could have been better but, with it being my first time trying this cosplay lark, there's been nothing but lessons to learn for the future; chief among which being COSPLAY SOMETHING EASIER! *flails*

All that aside, the fact I was still getting people commenting about how awesome the whole thing looked was a definite morale boost. Helping someone in the Ramada in their quest to "hug every single cosplayer", the guy on Friday who was the first to recognise who I was cosplaying; in fact everyone who took a photo or talked to me - whether in the hotel, the epic queues, or out near the stairs - you all made my weekend. :D

20th May 2013: Origin's AeonLog #14: **INSERT TICKING CLOCK FROM 24 HERE** "...I'm newbie cosplayer Origin... and these will be the longest and most frantic 80 hours of my life..."

As it stands, all that's between me and calling this complete is the Clock Sword; approximately 140cm of awkward shapes - points, curves and circles, oh my! - and other assorted stuff.

With the last time I cut or sanded anything for the purposes of a project being almost eleven years ago, when I was in high school, I'm way out of practice with getting surfaces even and level. But, if all else fails, I can just say that Aeon's been in a few fights and it's dinged up his precious sword/timepiece!

Right now, I've just finished making the thirteen holes around the clock's bezel. Still quite a ways to go, but here's hoping!

9th May 2013: Origin's AeonLog #13: Judgement Time (see what I did there?) With almost all of the pieces of the Clock Sword except for the clock bezel and the mounting point for the winder cut out, it's just the task of sanding them into shape, sealing them, painting and getting them stuck together.

I'm toying with the idea of having the blade and pommel be detachable somehow, to give me the option of taking them off and handing them in (leaving just the central clock) if I want a break from lugging the whole thing around.

As for the thirteen Soul Keys? As much as I'd love to have them, I don't think there'd be enough time to figure out how to make them before the Expo. *sigh*

1st May 2013: Origin's AeonLog #12: Curse You, Real Life! Well, where to begin?

With around a month to go before the big day, I decided to call upon my "Big Back-Up Plan", which entails using the Aeon outfit I ordered near the start of this project.

While it puts an end to my ability to enter the Masquerade this time around, it does allow me a much greater chance to get the rest of the cosplay done in time. So now, I have three weeks to:

- Finish making the Clock Sword
- Do the white detail on Aeon's boots
- Turn the glasses into an epic monocle
- And figure out where the chains go.

I -should- have everything I need to finish everything off. And, once that's done, all that remains is to practice putting the whole thing on and trying to look awesome. :D

Updatery: Check those middle two from the list. And after solving a small issue with the keyring, it's just down to that damn sword. After that, I can get the chain placement finalised and be all cosplayed up and ready to go!

16th April 2013: Origin's AeonLog #11A: All Hail The Pants! After some application of more Clarksonian Theory (translated: disregard eyelet tool, use HAMMER) to the latter 28 eyelets, the pants're done and laced up, minus a bit of trimming (left leg, I'm looking at you!).

Seeing as my legs will be mobile just about all day, the fact that I couldn't get even two of the 56 eyelets to be in a straight line shouldn't be too obvious. But still! AEON PANTS, AWAAY!

15th April 2013: Origin's AeonLog #11: Yes Sir, Cap'n Tightpants! After what seemed like forever with the belief that the house's resident eyelet tool had a bit missing, I decided to take the fallback option and bash them into submission with a hammer. Because, sometimes, the Clarkson school of getting things done actually works.

Aside from a little untidiness inside many of the holes (bits of metal curling the wrong way), the first of two legs of Aeon's pants are finally done. Once the black cord is linking them up, I'm hoping the mistakes won't be too visible.

Ah, well. Only another 28 eyelets to go!

6th April 2013: Origin's AeonLog #10: April Already? D: Yup, it's April. Given that it's my first time trying this whole "make a cosplay in time for a 250-mile trip", I'd say the worries are definitely starting to set in. Mostly due to how much is still left to do. Note to self: cosplay something simpler next time!

On a brighter note, my dad made an unexpected visit with a couple of inch-thick sheets of styrofoam. If I can make the clock sword out of that as opposed to the wood, it'll make things a lot less stressful/exhausting when I'm down in London. Onward!!

25th March 2013: Origin's AeonLog #9: Confidence Rising... Broke out the Got2B glue/spray and had another try at emulating Aeon's hair style. I'd call this done (or at the very least, better than the first time)! What do you lot think?

17th March 2013: Origin's AeonLog #8: Getting There Slowly! The boots for the cosplay are beginning to take shape. After finding a rectangle-buckled, grey belt in Preston, I managed to buy six of them and, after cutting them down to size and punching in some new holes, the plain belts are looking more Aeon-ish.

14th March 2013: Origin's AeonLog #7: Moar Buying! Another day, another couple of things bought for the cosplay project. As I didn't get all of the chain I needed the first time around, I got some more - this time for the space between the large buttons on the coat.

Add that to a decently long piece of wood which, hopefully, will become a decent representation of the bigger parts of the clock sword. Tomorrow, it's gonna be fabric shopping. Oh, how the fun continues to mount. :D

9th March 2013: Origin's AeonLog #6: Progressing Sloooowly! The search to get everything I'll need to get this cosplay done continues! I'll hopefully have the pattern for a tailcoat - which I can then modify heavily - by the end of the weekend.

But, in order to have something to show for my efforts thus far, I had a go at styling the wig to give it a more fitting look. For the first attempt, it could've worked out a little better, but still! At least the fringe isn't being eaten by my own eyes now.

And no, I'm not a photographer! Whatever gave you that idea? Note to self: Don't angle yourself directly in front of the bedroom light next time! <_<

23rd February 2013: Origin's AeonLog #5: Saturday Delivery? What?! The wig arrived from Coscraft today. This is a good thing.

That is all. ^_^

UPDATE: Okay, so maybe it's not all, after all. After stumbling across someone's (I forgot who it was!) stellar work at transferring Aeon's 3D model over to XNALara, I decided to grab it. Now I have an awesome reference for future work. :D

22nd February 2013: Origin's AeonLog #4: The Boots Slowly, but surely, more parts of the cosplay are coming in. Today, it's some boots. While they're probably going to be infuriating to work with, they're just about perfect, shape-wise. Now I just have to find candidates for the stuff that needs to go on it.

Additional: I had my first go at drawing the outline (with a pencil so it's near invisible and can be washed off) of the white detailing on Aeon's boots. If I get the shape/template right when the time comes, I should just be able to make four exact copies and go from there. Hopefully. :D

21st February 2013: Origin's AeonLog #3: Component Search, Take 2 Two black ties, 48 silver eyelets, a cheap pair of glasses and some old-style keys made out of cast iron. Around £16 for the lot. Sure, the actual suit still eludes me, but still. Quite a nice haul to boost the morale after the debacle of yesterday. :D

20th February 2013: Origin's AeonLog #2: That First Search Don't you just hate it when you feel like you've searched all over the centre of town for pieces of a cosplay and turned up next to nothing?

On the bright side, I did find a candidate(s) for the core of the Clock Sword's blade: a broom handle from a local pound shop. There's still the better part of 12 weeks until the convention actually starts, so these kinds of things are good to keep in mind for stages further down the line!

But I got a plain white button shirt for three whole English pounds and I found a belt in my wardrobe which - after painting/dying - could work. The real trick is how to nail the look of the undershirt.

From the looks of it, it's three (or at least two) different garments cobbled together; the white button shirt for its shoulders and collar and a more casual-looking black/dark gray striped shirt, vertical stripes on the chest, horizontal on the long sleeves. And then there's that deliberately long necktie/bow thingy...

...this list is immense. Regarding the challenge, Top Gear is springing to mind. "How hard could it be?". Very, as it turns out. :D

20th February 2013: Origin's AeonLog #1: Hotel Booked I now have a place to sleep between convention days. While many people are going to be making multiple cosplays for the Expo, I'm gonna stick with just one. Y'know, being a first-timer and all that?

But, thankfully, family members are willing to help me out. Something tells me I'm gonna need it. In less stressful news, however, I now have a glue gun. Just in case. ;)

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 22nd February 2013
Oh yes! Really looking forward to seeing this

Origin avatar

Origin - 22nd February 2013
Thanks. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it justice and, like the A-Team, the plan will come together. :)

Kyuipo avatar

Kyuipo - 1st May 2013
I like the first way you styled your wig better. looks natural. but the way you did it again looks good too. good luck. awsome cosplay :D

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 17th May 2013
The boots are tres cool! Also that eyebrow colouring method will work really nicely with your wig :)

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 30th July 2013
The boots look gorgeous <3 I always find shoes so tricky to do so congrats on that -^^- All the photos look wonderful ^^ Great job!

Tori Yummai avatar

Tori Yummai - 11th September 2013
Would love to see a completed pic of this :)

Mothfox avatar

Mothfox - 11th September 2013
Awesome cosplay i sid wonder if anyone would cosplay aeon ^_^ good job!

Origin avatar

Origin - 11th September 2013
Thanks! And, as per Tori's request, I managed to find a picture! Credit where credit's due, of course; to her and to everyone else who asked for pictures at the Expo that weekend. :)

White Tigress avatar

White Tigress - 28th September 2013
All the little details are absolutely stunning! Fantastic work!

Fizzykat avatar

Fizzykat - 24th December 2013
this looks great! i especially love the awesome boots!

Plasticsharkattack avatar

Plasticsharkattack - 11th January 2014
This is really well executed and the final result looks superb! Loving those boots, too.

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 21st January 2014
This is a great costume, love the boots :)

Kyuipo avatar

Kyuipo - 29th January 2014
looks really good :3

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 25th April 2014
Castlevania Cosplays <3 You're boots look fantastic and the over all shot of the costume is perfect -^^- You really suit Aeon ^^ Kudos to you!

klweanne avatar

klweanne - 29th April 2014
Awesome dude, nicely done :)

MadlyScientific avatar

MadlyScientific - 4th May 2014
This is so cool, especially love the boots and wig!

Knightsly avatar

Knightsly - 20th July 2014
awesome, looks great

BlueberryTale avatar

BlueberryTale - 7th November 2014
Amazing job on this!

roguearcanis avatar

roguearcanis - 20th December 2014
Great detail on this - awesome job 8D

SuperZeldaGirl avatar

SuperZeldaGirl - 6th February 2015
looks so cool

klweanne avatar

klweanne - 14th March 2015
You look amazing and did an awesome job with the wig :) Also loved all the journal entries :D

blissfulbanana avatar

blissfulbanana - 2nd April 2015
this looks totally awesome, nice work with the boots

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 21st August 2015
This is such a cool cosplay and really well made :)

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 18th September 2015
Great costume! All put together very well.