Nami (Arlong Arc (w/ straw hat)) - One Piece




This is still one of my favourite arcs of the series. This is mostly a remake but I decided to put Luffy's hat in there too because the high emotion of the stabbing scene still rips at me.


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31st March 2013

Bandages sorted!

You'll notice that the bandages on Nami's arm don't have a bit going across her chest to support it. So I'm using a tubular support bandage, which I'll secure to my shoulder on the day with three little bits of double-sided tape.

I brought a one-size-fits-all bandage from Poundland and cut the length I needed from the arm. I did just try folding the whole thing back over, but having more than one layer of bandage got very tight and restrictive after a few minutes, which wouldn't be healthy for Saturday during London Expo. So I cut it to length and then the remaining will be folded over my hand for that bandage. I'll get a little tube of dark red paint and on the day smudge a bit on where the blood spots need to be.