Dranzer/Suzaku (Plush toy prop) - Beyblade


AmeCon 2007




My little plushie bitbeast. I've always wanted a plush of her, I'm a little irked that it didn't come out how I would've wanted it but I love it anyway. I used a pattern for a 'chiming chick' plush toy (basically a cute baby chicken with a jingle bell inside) and I combined the patterns for the wing and underbelly to make the tail. She's meant to have 3 tail feathers but I concentrated on one. i actually forgot about the eyes and ended up using buttons ^ ^;;; the crown has a rhinstone sew-on jewel in it, and the mane is just a strip of longer white fur. It took a long while to make, considering everything was hand-sewn, but I'm proud of it.

This plush is based on the cute SD/chibi version featured in the Japanese version of the first season on the eyecatches. She was originally going to have googly eye's to make her look more like this version but I couldn't find my tube of fabric glue ._.


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