Ferris Eris (Casual Outfit) - The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

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I really love the design of Ferris' casual outfit so I'm defo gana make it some day!


SlimDefinition posted on 9 February, 2013 - 19:03
Damn it! You're making me want to start Sion right NOW!!! XD You will be awesome as her! And I will be your armour guru!

Raye-chan posted on 9 February, 2013 - 19:42
Hehehe! Sion! Give me back my dongo shops xD I will defo need your help with the armour version for her, this casual version should be easier to make, just need to find the right coloured fabric! Been a pain finding it ^^'

Zelda posted on 13 February, 2013 - 21:54
Omg I've wanted to do iris eris for ages :D can I be your little sister? I want to do noa ehn toooo <3

Raye-chan posted on 13 February, 2013 - 22:09
Yeeeesss of course! I have casual and armour versions of Ferris planned :3 yay! You can be my little sis and we can share dongo ;)

Progress Journal

Fabric hunting... (Posted 9th February 2013)

Already finding the right 'hot pink' is proving to be tricky!