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Kitacon 2014


I was going to put this together myself but hnnnnnngh, Bodyline have started doing this uniform. Book Sena, go!

Solaria posted on 8 February, 2013 - 17:13
SOOOO looking forward to your Senas <3 Hope I can do Yozora with you sometime *3*

nanahara posted on 15 March, 2014 - 19:16

3rd April 2014


So I failed at taking progress photo for this, so here's a list of what I did: - I lost the butterfly I made for anime Sena, so I made a new one. I bought a blue plastic folder that matched the background colour I needed, then drew a butterfly design, cut it out and painted on the white highlights using acrylic paint, then used Sharpie for the black lines (it was more durable and a lot smoother than using black acrylic) before bending it into shape. I attached it to the wig using a long black bobby pin. - I found a skirt that was exactly the same pattern as the one that didn't fit me, only missing the trim. So, I tea-stained some light cream fabric to get it to the correct colour, made ruffles, then pinned and sewed them along the edge of the skirt. - I reused the old socks, painting a white line (using fabric paint) near the top, then going over with gold leather paint (trying to use things I had around the house!). By using white first, it meant that the gold was not as opaque and didn't require as many layers. -I reused the shoes, wig and tie from anime Sena.

15th March 2014

Clip progress

I lost the old one so had to make a new one - to be fair, it was a bit overdue ^_^;. It took ages to find suitable plastic to use at the base. Fortunately I found aplastic folder on eBay that was just about perfect. I drew the shape of the butterfly, then cut out a template, transferred it to the plastic, cut it out then created a fold and added the black lines using a Sharpie (it looked a lot neater and cleaner than paint) and the white are using white acrylic paint. The acrylic is a bit fragile but it was the best I could come up with. Just need to add the clip and it's finished!

26th September 2013

Jacket and Shirt

Bought from Bodyline. It was a full uniform set, but the skirt isn't that great (and also too small), which I was expecting, so I will be making the skirt separately. It worked out cheaper to buy the set for the jacket and shirt rather than buy them both separately (and I bought it in person from the Harajuku store so I didn't have to pay postage for anything!), and it's pretty good quality. I will be replacing the buttons on the front of the jacket as they are not accurate.

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