Knight Commander Meredith
Dragon Age 2

Cosplayer: Cavahn

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd October 2013: I am DONE. Its' not as neat as is could be, but I've run out of time. I might remake bits of it ready for next October to coincide with the release of the third game... but who knows? (':

22nd October 2013: NEARLY DOOOONE Just gotta scale the back of the corset - I decided to remake the headpiece last minute - I have sixty hours until I leave for London. DEAR GOD.

17th October 2013: Just the scaling to do now! It's taking a long time to cut out and snip at all these scales, and then sew them - I'm trying to work out how many I need. :3 A lot of its hidden under the armour so I'm going to be lazy and only do what I need. :')

20th September 2013: Leggings! So my leggings arrived - and with them it means I no longer have anything to buy for this costume! Just gotta finish making the armour, coat and scalemail vest! Woot!

18th September 2013: Wig, Trousers and Working on Armour Okay so today I applied resin to my chest armour and made all the templates for the shoulders. I also bought belts for the chest piece! I'm hoping to have the entire armour finished by friday! (:

I also went websurfing for the wig and brown trousers, both of which should know be here by Thursday. :)

14th September 2013: Breastplate progress! :D Okay, so how I do my armour is probably very long winded - but I cut out the main bits in thick eva, then add craft foam for the embellishments over the top - I heatform it all into shape and then seal it with pva. When the pva is dry, I add the extra embellishments like bolts/studs etc - then another layer of pva. Then I slap on a coat of plastic resin and then I spray paint it - depending on how much shine I want - sometimes I slap on an extra coat of resin and sand down the rough bits. (:

I'm just making the foam base and slapping on the first lot of pva now- ready for the embellishments!

12th September 2013: Armour Progress (: Finally got my ass in gear with the armour! I've finished the hip plates and finally got around to making the foam base for the breastplate - I've started off with the collar and will move onto the chest before adding the shoulders. (: Hopefully it will go well first time, but if not I have time to redo it!

20th August 2013: Sword! This talented man was able to make Meredith's lyrium sword for me and it's perfect! Just under the height restriction, thank god!
Now I just have to get my butt in gear with the scalemale undershirt, the armour, headpiece and if I have time... remaking the coat. (:

26th February 2013: Shoulder Armour I'm actually really scared to be starting this, haha! I have the EVA foam ready, and I've made some card template mock ups, but even so... I'm a bundle of nerves!

21st February 2013: Gauntlets done! :D So I got around to making the belting and straps for the gauntlets. I thought this would be the end of it but I think I might paint on some cracks! O:

19th February 2013: Shoes arrived! :3 They fit perfectly and look awesome! :D

18th February 2013: Finished the belt and bag~ This was the easiest part of the costume to make! I've had a bit of a disaster with some fabric paint on the coat - so I've attempted to wash it off and am just waiting for it to dry now. I'm sure I can salvage it! Ordered my boots and ordered my wig too! Yay!

16th February 2013: Scalemail! I think I'm going to use actual scalemail for the final October project, but for April, May and August I'm going to be making faux leather scalemail which I will paint with metalic spray paint instead. Having to cut out 800+ scales is taking its toll on my hands... :c

16th February 2013: Gauntlets! So I remade the gauntlets... O:

14th February 2013: Mock Gauntlets! Managed to get the first go of the gauntlets painted - will probably redo them at a later date, but I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out so far. (8

13th February 2013: Foam Armour Decided to make a practise pair of gauntlets just to try the method out, before redoing them neater... I completely had no idea how long it takes glue to dry!

13th February 2013: Coat! :3 Finished sewing the coat together! Now I need to sew in all the details!:3

12th February 2013: Grey Undercoat I wanted to use suiting fabric for it, but it proved too expensive (maybe when I remake it for October)so I opted for a cheaper cotton blend, which will help keep me cool in the middle of summer, when I'm going to using it (both in London and in Glasgow).

I cut all the pieces out today - and then had a minor freak out because I thought I'd forgotten how to attach sleeves... hahaha! Its been months since I made any sort of top - I usually stick to scarves and shorts!

Anyway, have everything attached now - just need to neaten it up and add in all the hand stitched details tomorrow. :3

11th February 2013: Update :D Forgot to buy clasps for the bag, so I spent my evening cutting out and editing my sewing patterns instead ready for the grey layer of her undercoat. :)

11th February 2013: Sword Update! Just got confirmation off my friend (darkshines) for the commission and she thinks she will definitely have it done in time for August (which means Glasgow and October MCM!). :D Its a shame I won't have it for May, but she did say that if its done early then she will let me know - I have every faith that she and her boyfriend are going to make the most perfect sword ever. >3<

I just can't wait!

They're making it to stand four and a half foot tall, which is shorter than Meredith's actual sword, but will be easier for me to tote around at cons. (8

Ah this is going to be sooooo epic! :B


I was originally going to buy aluminium scales and actually make it by hand, but I've decided to make fake scales with cut out faux leather (spray painted) and then sewn together one by one, first... then if I decide it would look better with the real thing, I can redo that after May. (8

10th February 2013: Distressing~ I just couldn't wait and so I started distressing the bag already~

9th February 2013: Pouch! Sewed the pouch together - need to add the fastenings and distress it - which I will do on Monday when I start working on the undercoat!

Still need to buy the buckles for all my belts...

But on the plus side, I managed to track down some almost like-for-like gloves on ebay which I am now bidding on - fingers crossed I win them! :3 Hoping to start on the gauntlets this week too! :3

8th February 2013: Belt-Pouch Thingy~ I couldn't get many good references of the little pouch she wears on her b elt so I took some liberties with the design and made sure it was big enough to hold my phone, some money and my hotel keycard (priorities, man!). I'm going to stencil either the Templar cross or the Kirkwall Insignia onto the front pocket at a later date.

I made the patter for it myself, but cut out the basic shapes to paint metalic detail onto them first. I will neaten the cuts tomorrow and sew them together with some red/gold stitching detail to match the sash. Then I'm taking a break over the weekend and started on her actual underclothes on Tuesday. (8

Oh, and I commissioned a friend to make the sword! Eeee~ <3

7th February 2013: Sash! I decided in the end to go for paint, rather than ribbon on the sash. I also made the bit that ties around my waist but the fabric is a little thicker than I would like (remember I'm using Curtain velvet) because I folded it over twice... I may redo it and make a clasp fasten so it looks accurate... but without me having to physically wrap it around myself.

7th February 2013: Waist Sash Thingy~ So I deciuded to do Meredith's fancy red sash in two halves to avoid it sitting funny when tied. Again, I used curtail velvet. I attached a cord so i could tie it around my waist and made a template for the pattern...

Now I have to decide between fiddling with fusable web and ribbon, or just painting the design on...

5th February 2013: Making the Hood~ So I went out and bought the fabric today (I used Curtain velvet and ribbon). I attached the ribbon using good ol' fusable webbing.

I was originally going to make a shirt to attach a standard hood too - but I decided that a cowl would look better/more accurate. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. :3

4th February 2013: Planning~ I've never made armour before, so this could prove to be fun! But I've found a few tutorials about craft-foam armour, so I'm going to give that a go. The underclothes/hood etc shouldn't be that hard...

I have until October. Lets do this!

Numta avatar

Numta - 7th February 2013

Can't wait to see this =D

Never seen anyone cosplay Meredith before ^_^

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 7th February 2013
Thanks! I hope she turns out well - I'm liking everything I've done so far... *fingers crossed* It's the armour I'm concerned about because I've never done it before. Oh well - trial and error!

Derpssassin avatar

Derpssassin - 9th February 2013
I look forward to seeing this. We need to plan a large group you wearing this saturday??

Thanks for the comment. It is a shame that ser-pounce-alot can't join me....he would so love to be part of the show. I may have to bring his stunt double instead.

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 9th February 2013
Yes, I'm wearing this Saturday and Sunday Morning~ :D (No blowing up any Chantry's on MY watch!)

Derpssassin avatar

Derpssassin - 10th February 2013
...of course.....

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 10th February 2013

Queen Yam avatar

Queen Yam - 2nd March 2013
The progress on this is looking great.

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 4th March 2013
o: <3 thank you very much! :3

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 5th March 2013
This is looking seriously epic! Can't wait to see it all finished :O

x Princess Emily x avatar

x Princess Emily x - 5th March 2013
Wowsa! The gauntlets look amazing! Can't wait to see what it looks like when the rest of the armor starts forming too!

Kittz avatar

Kittz - 28th April 2013
Everything looks amazing so far! I hope to see you in expo when I'm in my Fenris outfit~

Komapsunida avatar

Komapsunida - 15th May 2013
Jesus damn this looks so good!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!! I'm awful with armour so I'd never dare somehting like this^^ I'll watch out for you ~ I'll be Morigan from DAO^^ xoxo

ThisIsLisaB avatar

ThisIsLisaB - 13th September 2013
Progress is looking excellent so far! I would love to get some photos if I find you :)

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 13th September 2013
Aaaaah! Thank you guys! (: I'm really pleased with my progress so far! Hoping to get it all finished by the start of October so I can just sit back and chill, haha! And @ZeroSilence - of course you can grab photos! That would make me so happy!

yuubalu avatar

yuubalu - 13th September 2013
Gah, this looks amazing so far. Can't wait to see it all together once you get her finished!

Quetiz avatar

Quetiz - 13th September 2013
Ahhh this is looking awesome, hope I find you for photos ~

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 14th September 2013
Oh, thank you so much guys! (: I'm thrilled that this is getting so much attention! I'm at MCM all weekend and this is my only cosplay so I'm sure you'll see me around at some point! :D

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 20th September 2013
This is looking awesome! Can't wait to see it finished!

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 20th September 2013
:D Thank you! (: Not much more to do!

Christchurch_assassin avatar

Christchurch_assassin - 23rd September 2013
This is fifthy shades of YES!! :D

I love Knight-Commander Meredith as a character. Looking all the more forward to that DAII meet up now!

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 24th September 2013
8D Thank you very much! I'm very excited for the whole weekend! I love Meredith as well... even when she goes mental with lyrium madness <3

otakugirl avatar

otakugirl - 8th October 2013
YES!! Knight Commander Crazy! lol :P This cosplay looks great! So amazing, I love it, its one of my fav things i've seen this year

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 8th October 2013
Knight Commander Crazy - that's me! Hahahhaa! Thank you so much! Hopefully it looks awesome when it's all put together! n_n

Quetiz avatar

Quetiz - 17th October 2013
This is looking so good aaaa

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 17th October 2013
Wow, this is amazing!

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 17th October 2013
Thank you! n_n

Greenstar88 avatar

Greenstar88 - 18th October 2013
This looks so impressive!! awesome job :)

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 19th October 2013
>w< Thank you so much! Nearly finished her now!

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 22nd October 2013
Progress is looking amazing, really hoping I see you at Expo so I can get a pic ;)

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 22nd October 2013
Well, I'm Meredith both Saturday and Sunday, so keep an eye out for me! (:

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 1st November 2013
This looks really awesome - all the armour and prop details really make it!

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 1st November 2013
Hurraaaay! Thank you so much! (: I'm pleased with how it came out finally! :D

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 1st November 2013
This looked utterly fabulous at expo! Never seen a Meredith cosplay before, and you did it perfectly <3

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 1st November 2013
Eeee~! Thank you so much! She's such a great character and its a shame no one cosplays her more - I'd have thought as the bad guy there would have been lots of people who would have cosplayed her before me but nope...! O: Ah well, Aveline next! (:

pantsgirl243 avatar

pantsgirl243 - 3rd November 2013
So amazing :)

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 3rd November 2013
Thanks~ <3 (:

Zomboi avatar

Zomboi - 12th November 2013
I love DA2, your armor is gorgeous :)

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 13th November 2013
Eeeee~! Thank you very much! (:

Namine avatar

Namine - 12th December 2013
looking good. I love any dragon age cosplays :)

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 13th December 2013
Thank you (:

blissfulbanana avatar

blissfulbanana - 16th December 2013
this looks so awesome, dat prop and armor, XD it looks so good and well put together

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 2nd January 2014
Aaaaah! Thank you so much! <3

Origin avatar

Origin - 5th January 2014
There's no other way to say it. This is pretty damn impressive. Everything turned out nicely and you even threw in an edited photo for good measure. You even managed to capture the authoritative air befitting Meredith's rank, too.

So, awesome work! *salutes (isn't a mage. honest!)*

MintyBadger avatar

MintyBadger - 14th January 2014
You make an incredible Meredith! That's absolutely amazing, well done!

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 15th January 2014
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the nice comments. (:

BlueberryTale avatar

BlueberryTale - 21st February 2014
You did a fantastic job on the armour, this looks great!

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 18th April 2014
So impressive! Your armour and attention to detail are astounding. You really do look like you've stepped out of the game! O_O

Moonlight_Requiem avatar

Moonlight_Requiem - 2nd June 2014
Wow ive never seen a Meredith costume before - the amount of detailing and work you`ve done on this is outstanding!! Fantastic work

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 28th September 2015
Wow, this is amazing!! The armour is really impressive *_*

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 29th September 2015
Thank you! *w* It was the first armour I ever made! I was really pleased with how it turned out - but looking back there are soooo many things I could improve on, haha!