Hungary (Traditional Hungary) - Hetalia

Worn AtBirmingham MCM Expo 2013




Finally finished! Best cosplay so far! :D Really proud of how the skirt turned out, too! :)
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Birmingham Expo 2013


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Progress Journal

Finished it! Finally! (Posted 15th March 2013)

I have finally finished the skirt after 7 hours of manpower on it! Phew! I think it looks amazing for my first circle skirt so I'm really chuffed! ^^ The ribbon isn't the straightest, but you can barely notice it. :) I hope to add the circles within the next few weeks but I'll leave it like this until after Birmingham Expo. :) This means the whole cosplay is finished! :D


Skirt Nearly Done! (Posted 13th March 2013)

Worked on my skirt the entire day today! Arrived home from school at 4 o'clock and just stopped now! I'm just over halfway through! :D I've tacked the black ribbon on, just need to sew the ribbon, sew the circles, hem the bottom part and add a red ribbon to it and it's finished! ^^; It's taking me ageees! XD Wish me luck!


Progress on the skirt! (Posted 1st March 2013)

I've made some progress on the skirt! :D It looks alright and it's reasonably long. :) First time making a circle skirt and I think it looks alright! I still need to hem it and add the details, but first I need to buy the black ribbon. I'm thinking of adding some red ribbon on the top, what do you guys think? By the way, excuse the derp face! XD It was 11pm and I was dead tired...


Fabric Arrived! (Posted 21st February 2013)

Fabric arrived today! It's really long (longer than my bed lengthways) and it's really good quality! It was really cheap (£8 for 3.5m) and it arrived in 2 days! I highly recommend using the website ''! Anyways, I will be posting pictures of the fabric soon and start working on the skirt itself ASAP. This cosplay will be finished as soon as the ribbons arrive! ^^


Fabrics and Ribbon Ordered! (Posted 19th February 2013)

Just ordered the fabric and ribbons! They should be arriving before Saturday so I can get everything ready for Saturday and finish it then. My second cosplay should be finished by Saturday, then! :)


End Date Ahead! (Posted 19th February 2013)

I now have a date that I'm hoping to finish this cosplay by! :D It should be finished by this Saturday (23rd)! I haven't got the ribbons or material so far, but I will order them ASAP! I'm looking to wear this cosplay on Sunday at the Birmingham Expo, so look out for me! :) I also got a wig on Saturday for all my Hungary cosplays so it should look even better! :D It's a bit gingery but it will do.


Waistcoat and Shirt (Posted 14th February 2013)

I bought a shirt and waistcoat for my other cosplay, Kagamine Len (Alice Human Sacrifice version) but it's usable for this cosplay. Therefore, I will class them as part of this cosplay, too. There's a picture of it attached.