Black Gold Saw - Black Rock Shooter

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Limegreenjelly posted on 9 February, 2013 - 23:43
Bad Ass. Going to look awesome

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Progress Journal

Knee Spike-majigs (Posted 6th May 2014)

Continuing with the foam, I have made the bases with thick EVA board which is mainly used for interlocking gym mats. These are great when molded with a heat gun.

For the points I have used the same carving foam to make these. Here is one before applying primer. I have managed to make two so far and it was really tricky getting them to look identical ^^

Goliath Horns Completeth! (Posted 6th May 2014)

This cosplay has been long in waiting. She's been in progress since forever so I thought I get over the difficult bits that involve a bit of building :)

And so far, I have completed the horns. A lot of cosplayers tend to make these parts shiny and use PVC fabric, but I would like to make them all as matte as possible

I originally made the demos out of clay but found it to be way too heavy. I found a foam that could be easily be carved and sanded instead. I am really happy with the result and feel more confident in building the next pieces :)