Alice Liddel (London) - American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns




My sister has decided to cosplay for the first time as Alice from Madness Returns and so I thought I would match her and go as Alice but the London version.

This is going to be a very little effort costume, I'e bought a stripey top for about £3 and black skirt for about £4. I bought a pair of shoes for £20 and my sister made me a buckle for each shoe which I sewed on usng elastic through the elastic on either side of the shoes.

My sister helped me make the apron. It's made out of a bed sheet, the top front, bottom front and back front are made from seperate pieces. The belt attaches at the back with hook and eyes, then the bottom of the back attached to the belt using press studs. The bow is made from the same material, the bottom of the bow has pipe cleaners running through the bottom to make it sturdier then it press studs to the belt in the middle and about an inch up each side of the bow. There is also a press stud up the back of the apron to try and make it stand up better and hide all the other press studs. I made it look dirtier by soaking it briefly in tea then, whilst it's still damp I put cocoa powder and make up on it too look dirty.

The rabbit teddy is made from a mixure of a pattern and looking at my sister's teddy bear to draft a pattern. I made it out of fleece with the brown patch on ear made out of brown felt. I went over all te seams with cross stitch thread to make it look roughly made then sewed a button on it for the eye. I then used a tea bag to make it look dirty.


FlyingMammal posted on 17 March, 2013 - 10:50
YAY the 'Alice'ssss'. Just wanted to say you both looked fab yesterday. thank you for letting me take your photo. Loved your Mr Rabbit :)

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