Doctor Who

Cosplayer: Maraieth

Variant: Original 1963

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

21st February 2013: Nearly there! So I have now finished all the panels for the dress, and make a light that I've attached to a hairband. The light was made from a bit of cardboard wrapping paper tube for the central, white part, cardboard cut to make a pyramid for the top, and a square of cardboard for the bottom, each covered with fabric which I sewed and glued in place, then sewed together, with four thin tubes of the blue fabric between the top and bottom of the light housing. Then finally sewed onto a premade headband.

All that remains is to print and laminate a St John Ambulance sign, and attach everything to the dress. On schedule to be done in time for the party which is on this Saturday!

3rd February 2013: Progress Have now completed the choker, however due to the size of the letters, I may rethink and position it over the straps of the dress - but I will wait until the other pieces are complete and ready to be pinned in place before doing this.
Have cut out and hemmed the pieces for the windows and sign, and just starting to stencil on the lettering on the sign.
Next jobs are to finish stencilling and sew the panes into the window (to give a white frame as with Hartnell's original TARDIS) and print and laminate a St. John Ambulance logo to pin on.
Then working out the positioning on the dress.
Last job will be the lamp, for which I have found a TARDIS blue hairband, and will attach the lamp to the top.

31st January 2013: Playing with fabric paints Have now bought white fabric for the windows, and some fairly heavyweight black ribbon to make a choker. Fabric paints, stencils and poppers for the choker arrived this morning.
So far have measured against dress using paper to make templates for the fabric, and check the sizes for the windows and sign (including using the stencils to check word placements for the sign on the door), cut out the fabric from those templates, and stencilled most of the Police Box text onto the ribbon.
The stencilling with fabric paints is taking longer than expected, as I have to wait for one letter to dry before I do the next, or it is likely to smudge.

Plan for tomorrow: Hem the window and sign pieces, finish choker stencilling (if not done tonight) and add poppers to attach round neck, and start stencilling on the sign using template created today, and centre of the fabric as a guideline.

29th January 2013: Starting out Basically, I've been invited to a 60s theme party, and thought this would be the ideal costume for me, since I don't have the time or money to do Hartnell or Troughton Doctors any justice, and I just got a blue dress which is a perfect TARDIS blue, and so the idea came together!

Currently I don't want to make the adjustments to the dress permanent, so am working on how best to attach the new features without damaging my beautiful new dress!

Heading to the fabric shop tomorrow to look for the necessary bits and pieces! May be safety pinned unless I come up with a better plan!

If anyone who happens to stumble on this has any good suggestions I'd be grateful! x

CaptainAmelia avatar

CaptainAmelia - 31st January 2013
Looking great - Your choker is so neat! :D

Maraieth avatar

Maraieth - 31st January 2013
Thank you! Been working on it on and off all day as the paint dried. :D

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 31st January 2013
This looks like it's going to be lovely! Can't wait to see it. :)

Maraieth avatar

Maraieth - 31st January 2013
Thank you! Should be updating as I go along over the next few weeks - it's for a party that's 3 weeks away, but hoping to get it done sooner! :)

GroovyGenesCosplay avatar

GroovyGenesCosplay - 23rd February 2013
Nice work Doctah!

Maraieth avatar

Maraieth - 7th March 2013
Why thank you, Ianto! Will try to get some pictures of me in it up soon! They're hanging around somewhere :P

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 7th March 2013
It turned out beautifully! <3<3 You look so pretty!

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 1st October 2013
Ah it looks wonderful!