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AmeChibi 2015




One of my friends recommended this series to me because it looks very appealing to Symphogear and Nanoha fans and any particular fans of bad ass magical girl series. I was not so keen on episode 1, but I simply LOVED episode 2 onwards and fallen in love with the series. Somehow, it kind of semi-reminds me of Nanoha because the main characters have the same hairstyle (just different colour) and speaks to a talking ferret.

I went for Akane because she is the character and colour who will suit me best. Pigtails and red, how can I refuse?

Ninja-Nyan made all the costumes for the group (including hat, gloves and will be making boot covers) and Tsubasa Rei did all the hardwork on the lights.
The only work I did was styling my own wig and making the orange hair ties. Thanks to Hannah-kiwi for the orange fabric :) Wig is "Lily in Mahogany Red" from Coscraft.


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