Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII




Final Fantasy VIII is a game that has escaped me for years,as i didn't have a copy of the game, but my brother kindly gave me an old ps1 copy and I've been able to get right back into it. Rinoa wasn't originally a favourite character of mine but for some reason this time round I've warmed to her and relate to her more so that was that, cosplay must be done! lol

Worn at: Ayacon 2013
MCM Expo October 2013

Note: I originally wanted to knit Rinoa's duster but sadly i've settled for a rib knit fabric for now, I want to improve my knitting skills and make sure the pattern is just right too. I'm not sure when I'll get it done but hopefully one day....Oh and that darn skirt needs to be fitted properly, i made it far too tight (wishful thinking)


SamanthaKaiba posted on 15 July, 2013 - 22:21
everything looks fantastic...love the details ^_^

Sammykins posted on 16 July, 2013 - 21:02
Woo, lets go ff8 combo, yeaahhhh!

J-Po posted on 7 November, 2013 - 20:57
very pretty :)

Kei Lin Sama posted on 10 November, 2013 - 17:39
Wow you really look like her! One of the best Rinoa costumes I've seen!

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Progress Journal

29th September 2013


I'm to be wearing this costume to MCM Expo in October! Since i always have improvements to make on my costumes, i've knuckled down with this one. I've tidied up the sewing on the skirt, added some proper darts and adjusted the buttons slightly. I've also started to unpick and sew the arm warmers again as the rib knit pattern didn't match up properly, and although changing this will make them tighter, it was bugging me that the rib pattern was messy on the seams. I made a lucky purchase on Rinoa's necklace, so i now have both rings that look much more accurate!
I'm also hoping to re-do the bias around the duster and finish the blaster edge!
So much to do in so few days!

1st August 2013

Blaster Edge/Pinwheel Progress

While I wait for my fabric to arrive I have decided it would be a good idea to make a weapon for Rinoa as an added extra since I plan to go in the masquerade at Ayacon 2013, and having a weapon gives me more posing options haha
I wasn't sure which version of her weapon to go for but ended up picking her basic Pinwheel' So far i have the basic shape cut out, it seems quite large but from the few screenshots i could find of it, its actually rather on the big side.
I've raised some areas with foam and will be painting it all soon, and making the extra bits and pieces to attach it to my arm :)
Ayacon is sooo close and I have yet to finish this costume....still haven't changed my ways lol

30th July 2013

Knitting failures and keeping my fingers crossed....

Sad to say I've not got enough time to knit my duster as I'd originally planned :( I managed to knit two arm warmers but with only a few weeks til i hope to wear this at Ayacon, i simply can't knit fast enough :P
I've resorted to purchasing some rib knit fabric online, which i really hope turns out alright, I wanted to get a sample to be safe but i'm really strapped for time (and the shop owner doesnt wish to respond to me D:) So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its a nice fabric and at least a half-decent colour lol
Everything else is ready and waiting, so I in the mean time I'm attempting to make her default pinwheel as a weapon :)
Wish me all the luck...i need it right now!

6th June 2013

Knitting horrors and Wig styling!

Well firstly i wish to kick myself for choosing to knit Rinoa's duster and arm warmers, its taking an age and I'm still a beginner to knitting....but i'm pressing on, made one arm warmer but i dislike it...so forcing myself to do another and see what happens.
I've been more successful with my wig for a change! I was lame and went for a cheap wig but surprisingly it takes to hair spray and heat rather well! Rinoa's hair style is a bit of a pain as I struggle to get the fringe looking right and i've noticed most people struggle with it. So I'm opting for a less spikey fringe so it doesn't end up looking completely awful haha
I think it needs a trim at the back though and might need more volume around the front, I have finally learned that volume is key with wigs! So many of mine are just flat as a pancake lol

16th March 2013

A knitted duster you say.....

I seem to be taking my time with this costume, and have decided to give myself more work by attempting to knit my own duster and arm warmers. I'm currently in the search of the right colour and amount of wool but i'm trying to be patient with it. I'm aiming to follow a pattern by lynlynlora, and see how i go.
In the meantime i have been sewing auburn wefts into my black wig and have got a hold of some good boots too. They even had straps and buckles that i could remove and put across the front of each boot, all i need now are the large silver plates/buckles.

31st January 2013

I'll be waiting for you.........to start this darn costume!

Since I'm such a sillybag I take on too many projects at once and take forever to get on with them >_< But...I decided to make it a little easier for myself and purchase a few of the basic pieces, so I have a v neck vest and altered some black leggings(I just have the zips to sew in). I'm in progress with her marbled effect skirt, though i'm starting to doubt the colour choice, I think i went too dark...spend ages trying to choose between the shades in store. For her necklace I managed to find a plain silver ring in the shops and used an old chain I already owned.
So definitely underway with this costume...if I can finally decide on the fabric colour for the duster then I may even have this ready for May Expo.....who knows!