Martel Yggdrasill (Dress) - Tales of Symphonia




Just Martel in her Kharlan/ inside the Great Seed outfit.

I used some sort of lining for the white because it wasn't see-through and felt pretty nice on the skin. The black and green fabric is poly-cotton. And the ribbon is satin but I do not recommend using it. It doesn't like being sewn all that much.

This was the first dress I ever made and the pattern was drawn by cutting out fabric and pinning it to me. A friend helped a lot with that. Without her expertise, I would never have had the base of this dress pretty much done and wearable in the 5 days before May MCM in London.

I then spent a further week on it, taking it up at the shoulders to fix the cutting mistakes with the seam allowance and not trimming the green top to size and then getting the rest of the ribbon and detailing on rapidly.

This costume isn't all that neat. It's far from perfect and not all that accurate. I have things I should change. But for my skill level I am more than happy with it.

The shoes were cheap Primark ones that I used fabric glue and off-cuts to make look similar to Martel's. The ribbon and the fabric glue didn't like each other much.

The wig was also a little too thin and a bit too short but not bad, I thought. I might buy another one and add wefts to it to make it thicker if I have the inclination, funding and time.


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