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I'm obsessed with DOA series and it's always been my No.1 fave fighting game followed by Tekken since I was little, and I've never really ever gotten the chance to cosplay my fave characters from it, due to either my lack of skill in making clothes or other reasons. Helena and Ayane were always my two top favourite fighters before Christie and Lisa came into the scene in 3 & 4.
So I've decided to finally show some love for my favourite fighting series, and who better to start with than my girls Helena and Ayane :).

Helena's outfits have always caught my attention with her beautiful dress sense, and she has way too many in the series for me to choose from. Although I will admit Team Ninja/Tecmo did get a lil lazy with the outfit designs in 5, but some were still nice either way.
I'm really hoping to pull this one off good, before moving on to any others.


Numta posted on 27 January, 2013 - 10:52
this will be awesome can't wait to see it ^_^

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13th February 2013


So I finally started it with the overcoat first. First time making a jacket/coat, coming out fairly well. Kind of a pain without a mannequin to put it on so kept having errors here and there. Just need to hem the edges and paint the detailing on it.