[WIG COMMISSION] Saber - Fate Stay/Night





A friend asked me to style her Arda wig, and I figured it'd be a nice chance for me to check out the Jeannie (style from Arda), and practise my wig styling more!

Basically I raised the ponytail, added one of those hair-doughnuts at the base of the ponytail and a normal hairband around the hair over the bun, creating a nice and even hair-bun. The hair that was now weirdly spread out I braided in four braids, then wrapped them around and fastened. The top-fringe was then styled to created the anime-like peaks, and the bottom-fringe was cute. Aaaand more hairspray...! The ahoge (piece of hair that sticks up) was created by using elmer's glue on a strand of hair, then I waited til it was almost dry and wrapped it round a round case til it was nice and round. I let Laxhmi attach it herself because I was worried it wouldn't survive being packed. :P She also attached the blue ribbon, and made the entire costume herself! ^^


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