Wig Commissions 1- Customer Provided Wigs (Anime (Customer Provided Wigs Only)) - Cardcaptor Sakura, Gravitation, Ouran High School Host Club





I’ve had a request to put up images of my wigs- these are commissions I’ve done for others, the first lot! (I’ll keep adding to this over time, I have a couple more to do very soon) These are anime based wig commissions, and are the ones that I've done with wigs that the customer has provided rather than of ones that I have sourced, which means I've had to work with what's been given ^^ There is a little information on each underneath the pictures. I accept commissions of many kinds, and my website will be launched March ’09.
For now, please enjoy this collection of pictures as it grows! They are displayed on a wig head as I would never put wigs on someone’s head when they are new and belong to another person for hygiene reasons (and for respect, of course). If I get customer pictures with permission to use them then I may include these however and I will give entire credit to the appropriate people! Mainly, though, commissioned wigs will appear on a wig head so please remember that this wig head might be smaller than the person’s natural head and therefore wigs may look longer than they actually are, or they may not be positioned the same as when really being worn.

(If you have any questions about wigs, or wig commissions, you can always send me a private message, I won't bite- promise ^__^ )

Currently included in this collection is:
Shuichi Shindo- Gravitation
Sakura Kinomoto (or Avalon if you grew up with the dub!)- Cardcaptor Sakura
Tamaki Suou- Ouran High School Host Club


HotshotShan posted on 11 February, 2009 - 23:04
These are all fantastic, and I must say great job on the Tamaki wig, it looks just like his hair!