Les Misérables

Cosplayer: Deathblow_Prime

Variant: Movie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kad'tor avatar

Kad'tor - 20th January 2013
nice to see grantaire getting some love

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 16th April 2013
Grantaire <3 All the best with this and cannot wait to see:D

Deathblow_Prime avatar

Deathblow_Prime - 16th April 2013
Thanks :)

BlueberryTale avatar

BlueberryTale - 2nd June 2013
Looks great, hope to see more photos of this!

ManiacCos avatar

ManiacCos - 12th February 2014
Always great to See Les Mis cosplayers! Hope to see more pics soon :)

Kitri du Lac avatar

Kitri du Lac - 27th August 2014
Oo, good idea! Would love to see photos of the finished costume!