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20th May 2013

Hood: Round two.

So I've remade the hood from fleece perfect for May if it turns out to be hot like last year i will melt it's so thick but at least I have working horn flaps this time!

7th March 2013

Hood and cape

Fabric arrived a few days ago and decided to go to work on this. 55454656555478 godtier tutorials later... this happened. but Holes was a thing I forgot for the horns, the lining wont budge to fit over them so I'll keep the hood down and might make a fleece version at a later point perhaps too for them to fit in to!

23rd February 2013

horns set

The horns are completed. Wig still needs to be tamed and cut slightly & both my Doom shit and extremely baggy jogger bottoms arrived.

31st January 2013

This Wig

Is instantly a fave because it's styled it's self from taken my helmet off. Bonus. I chopped the front slightly I might take another inch or so off and maybe take some of the back up too.

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