My Wigs Vol. 2 (Anime) - Yu-Gi-Oh! , Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, Trigun, Chobits





I’ve had a request to put up images of my wigs on their own, so here is the second lot! These seem to be mainly anime-based at the moment but we’ll see what happens when I update with more of them. There is a little information on each underneath the picture. These are all very anime style with their antenna and hair height and colours, though I try to keep them looking as accurate and yet natural as possible. I do accept commissions, and my website will be launched late March ’09.
For now, please enjoy this collection of pictures! They are all displayed on a wig head so that you won’t be distracted by a full costume, although if you want to see them being worn with a costume there may be photos of me wearing them in costume elsewhere here since these are my personal wigs!

(If you have any questions about any of my wigs, or commissioning a wig, you can always send me a private message until my website is all up and running- I don't bite!)

Currently included in this collection are:
Yami no Yugi/ Pharoah Atemu- Yugioh
Sugar- Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar
Meryl Stryfe- Trigun
Chi/ Freya- Chobits


Adamoluna posted on 11 February, 2009 - 19:07
wow, I love your take on Yugi's hair! :D Your Sugar wig is gorgeous too :)