Kano (Mask Upgrade - Mk 1.5) - Mortal Kombat

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Worbla Faceplate Mk1.5 - 4

Worbla Faceplate Mk1.5 - 3

Worbla Faceplate Mk1.5 - 2

Worbla Faceplate Mk1.5

Cement Face Cast 02

Cement Face Cast 01

Basic Face Cast

Eye Piece



I decided a while ago that the Face Plate that I wear for my Kano costumes needed an upgrade.

After looking into a few different methods and materials, I've decided that making my new one from Aluminium would give the best look.

I've already started to collect the materials and parts needed, just need to start putting things together

Update - January 2014: I've decided that this version is going to be a Mark 1.5, and made from Worbla.
I will definitely build the Mark 2 at a future date as I want to enter Cosplay Competitions with it.


The Retro Valentine posted on 3 August, 2013 - 23:24
Cannot wait to see the finished result of this! Hats off to you sir, great character choice :)

Progress Journal

Mk 1.5 build (Posted 9th March 2014)

I still have every intention of making the face plate from aluminium, but for the time being, I plan on trying to build it from Worbla.
I'll update once I've given it a go.....

If at first they don't succeed...... (Posted 25th December 2013)

....kill them and do it yourself.....

Tried some initial shaping with 2mm thick aluminium sheet the other day. Turns out that 2mm may be too thick for me to successfully shape without far better panel beating tools.

So, I'm going to look into buying some 1mm aluminium, and see how that works. Since I know I can bend 1mm thick Al sheet easily enough with my bare hands, hopefully this will pose much less of a problem when shaping it around the face cast.

Mk 2 Face Plate Plans (Posted 27th July 2013)

After some working out of logistics, I've decided to play things a little differently than originally planned.

The idea is now to have the metal mask as a Mk3, with another plastic one as the Mk2.
This is because I'm having issues making the face cast I'll need for the metal version. Building an improved plastic version in the interim period allows me to still do Kano as a costume, with the metal mask coming later.

At this point, I am aiming to have the metal version complete by Kitacon in March 2014