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I love Elfen Liedand Lucy/Nyu is one of my most favorite characters like ever.

A while a go as one of my first coplays I did Nyu wearing the over sized vest and blue/green shorts. for a quick one week get together of stuff it wasn't bad- especially for a 1st time thing!

A few years on i want to cosplay her again, but BETTER also because I'm yet to make a cosplay 100% from scratch I thought this would be a good place to start! I also wanted to do a different version so I thought this would work well ^.^

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17th August 2012


To start with I decided to make the helmet. Having no idea howto do it and not having a lot of money I managed to come up with a way to make the helmet! for a first version it's not to bad but I would like to remake it for I fill it could look better! so what did I do? Well to start with I got a balloon and blew it up (make sure it's a lot bigger than your head) And then I started to paper mache all over the balloon just using newspaper and glue, leaving a space at the base of the balloon. Once I had about 3 layers on newspaper all over I then put detail on like the raised parts at the back, and the circular part on the side of the head. I then did more layers of paper mache all over making sure everything was stuck strongly. Once this was done I then got some card and cut to make the longer section at the front of the mask. And once again MORE NEWSPAPER MACHE over all i did so many layers of newspaper Idon't even know how much! Then I layered it all with white tissue. This too was about 5 layers.Once it all dried it's very strong and sturdy. I then popped the balloon so that i could cut away bits of paper I didn't need and to a better shape. I then used an old ear stretcher I have and no longer use to make the holes the correct size and so i can lightly see out the mask. And lastly I painted it silver.

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