Cronus Ampora - Homestuck


This might be my last Homestuck cosplay for a while... or maybe not, I don't even know. I just know that I have a Homestuck problem.

I love Cronus a lot and I tried my best with this cosplay even though it was simple, being a perfectionist meant this ended up costing a lot more than I should have...

HarryKurt posted on 8 March, 2013 - 16:52
I can't get over how different you look! Nicely done. I love the horns and ears, very nice! Your body paint is done so neatly too. :)

Plasticsharkattack posted on 8 March, 2013 - 17:06
This is so cool! I love the gif XD

The-oncoming-storm posted on 15 April, 2013 - 22:32
Great costume, the horns look fantastic :D I'm loving the group photos you got also

wolf posted on 28 May, 2013 - 21:01
The wig and body paint are fantastic, well done getting a lace front to blend so smoothly

blissfulbanana posted on 26 September, 2013 - 18:33
This is pretty badass XD love the gif

Lacefront wig

Total cost: £0.00

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