Cosplayer: Koiice

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

29th October 2013: Feathers Attaching the felt feathers here. Which where craft foam covered in felt and layered to create the wings. Next is the fur to cover the piping and they will be complete.

29th October 2013: wings WIP Using a new technique to get the wings lighter they where created with piping and chicken wire. Tape was placed around the edges for safety and held together onto the pipe with cable ties

24th September 2013: Harness WIP This is the base Harness, here me and Darkie are working out hole placements for the straps to be hidden in the jacket.
We are also testing the length of the straps so please ignore the straps dangling in the photo ^^

24th September 2013: Battle Feather As an accessory here is mine and Darkiekun's Feathers for battling! We are having felt feathers on our wings but for awesomeness we found these beauties for £1 each!
So we snatched them up and I donno if we cutting a better shape to them or not but we shall see lol

24th September 2013: Jacket WIP2 Here is some more WIP of the Jacket, Waist coat and man skirt

24th September 2013: Jacket WIP Enjoy some WIP of the jacket! here is looks almost done but it is not XD
The bottom here isn't hemmed it is just pinned for the photo and the cuffs are not attached they are pinned also for the photo
I couldn't find a black belt laying around so I have this space invaders belt to just show it off alittle XD So ignore that belt!

24th September 2013: 99% complete waist Coat Here is my waist coat 99% complete. It only needs the lush gold buttons I will attach soon
I added a corset at the back with some gold eyelets I had laying around and some gold trim for the cord which is a tad sparkly!
I love this waist coat, Shame it won't be seen that much!

I will try get some photos of me in it though

24th September 2013: Details Using a very tight zig stitch I am attaching the yellow brocade fabric to the jacket and waist coat.
This is a slow and careful process but fully worth it!

24th September 2013: Man Skirt Here is a completed man skirt for Krad.
I have seen many add this part as a section of the coat. I just see it being a fancy man skirt he can remove. Krad is flouncy like this XD
This also gives abit of puff to the main coat too!
I love the material as it is alittle shiny but nothing over the top and tacky!

24th September 2013: Waist Coat WIP 2 Next I added the collar to the waist coat and added the inner panels. This is necessary to keep the front section alittle stiff and to help with the buttons later on.
Next is the detailing

25th August 2013: Waist Coat WIP Here is some WIP of Krad's waist coat. It is unknown what he wears under the outfit but I have my own ideas

What I plan to wear under is

Shirt, Waist coat, Cravat, Pants.

I think this will fit in well with his style. The waist coat will have yellow detailing like the main coat too

24th August 2013: Fabrics Today Darkie went and bought me many lush fabrics for Krad. There are more things to buy but for now here are the base materials which will make the waist coat, jacket and cape.
There are a mixture of lush textures and nice patterns to create a very over the top Krad.

springinstep avatar

springinstep - 24th August 2013
Oh, brilliant! If you get this done, I'll certainly be in the lookout for you. What day were you going to wear this?

a-papergirl avatar

a-papergirl - 24th August 2013
Omg Tanya I've been waiting for you to decide to cosplay Krad ever since our college discussions!!

Shazy avatar

Shazy - 2nd September 2013
Ooooh interesting cant wait to see!

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 24th September 2013
This is looking totally awesome! Can't wait to see finished!