Connor Kenway (Fem version) - Assassins Creed III

In Progress

SunnyCon 2013


I have chosen to do connor kenway for sunnycon 2013 because;
1. He's perfect
2. He's an assassin
3. He's freaking awesome
4. I love the assassins creed series.

So I actually started the costume (well prop-wise) back in august when I created the tomahawk base structure from a pepakura file. Now with exams coming up I will only have the occassional weekend and 5 days to make the whole cosplay. That is why I have started work early. This will be my first actual cosplay and hopefully (because I'm a perfectionist and love detail) it will be somewhat good.

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Make patterns
Make jacket
Make the emblems (two)
Buy supplies
Faux leather fabric
Suede cord

Total cost: £0.00

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