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SunnyCon 2013



This is my very first cosplay :3 I haven't decided whether or not I'm gonna enter the contest yet because I'm rathershy, but I have taken photos for the scrapbook just in case. Anyhow, I'm making this costume simply because Pikachu is adorable. And there are so many ways to go about making the costume. I'm trying to do a cute-lolita-but not quite lolita-puffy-dress-version if you get ma drift ^.^` So far the hardest part has probably been the whole process of measuring stuff out since I'm literally hopeless at it :') But the dress haa turned out ok ao far and the ears were relatively easy to make (deapite me being a beginer), the tail was slightly difficult to sew because of the awkward shape but i madw it in the end. But I have no idea how I'm going to attach it without it ending up being so floppy. Anyhow all I really need to do know is add more ribbon make a petticoat and some bloomers and add a zip to my dress :3 any tips you may have on how to attach the tail qould be much appreciated :D.

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buy face paint
make bloomers
buy brown material
buy tights
make petticoat
add ribbon
finish tail
yellow material
spray on golden hair glitter
yellow tights
brown material

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