Sherlock Fandom

Cosplayer: AkujiDelano

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th January 2013: All transfers All transfer prints applied to black shirts.
Also bought blue scarf for Sherlock fandom!
Got my jam, too ;3

16th January 2013: Hetalia Fandom - Wig and Glasses Thought I'd also use this costume entry to show the other two people's cosplays.
Just finished styling a curl into this wig for the Hetalia, and here's how it looks with glasses.

11th January 2013: Sherlock vector! Got that finished, so now all that needs to be done is to buy some dark transfer paper, whack that on, and iron it onto the shirt.

11th January 2013: Bar Glasses :3 Written on them, and written on the Hetalia and Homestuck ones!

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 9th January 2013
Ahaha this will be great to see! >D

AkujiDelano avatar

AkujiDelano - 9th January 2013
Eeeee! I'm really looking forward to doing this.
We should be easy enough to spot! :3

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Jizzy - 3rd July 2013

AkujiDelano avatar

AkujiDelano - 4th July 2013
I refuse to whoa! :u

But thank you very much!!! uvu